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  1. As an update to this popular topic, it's likely that we'll bring back "remember last typed query" as I'm finding myself missing it too. It may be slightly different but keep an eye out on the next build or two
  2. Hi Zettt The preferences crash is now fixed in b60. Recent docs is coming in a near-future release. For Open Apps, I think there's still some polish coming to that, so it may change. And finally for the default actions, go have a look at the prefs for File Search > Actions where you can let Alfred sort the actions based on what you use the most (per file type) if you want to use this.
  3. Confirming what David is saying, Alfred uses the Spotlight index rather than maintain his own. This keeps Alfred very lightweight, especially while idle.
  4. We've had a bug report in with Apple for this for quite a long time. They've accepted it as an issue, but there hasn't been any progress since. Fingers crossed they eventually do
  5. First, thanks for helping us test the Alfred v2 beta. We're so pleased to have all of you helping us make v2 as brilliant as possible! As you can see, the forum is very popular and all sorts of content is being posted. If you find a bug you'd like to report, please follow the format below to help make your report more useful. Please ensure you're always using the latest build before reporting an issue, as Andrew works so fast, he might've already fixed the issue and released a new build! From b94 onwards, you can update in-app through the General tab or the menu bar icon. Please post one thread per bug report with the following information: What you were doing when the issue happened Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Include any screenshots that might help us Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Include your OS X version The clearer the bug report, the more likely and easily we'll be able to fix it! Once you've reported it, I will test your bug report and, if valid, Andrew will aim to fix it in the upcoming builds. Once fixed, the thread you started will be closed, confirming we have all the information we need to fix it. For those curious about the additional notes in square brackets you might see, I'll add these status updates after responding: Accepted: Bug has been moved to our bug tracker and will be looked into soon. Fixed: Bug has been resolved, so check for the latest build if you still encounter this issue. Resolved: Issues that are not bugs but required an explanation/info. Noted: If we're unable to make changes, we'll make a note for future reference (e.g. OS X bugs) Not a bug: Invalid reports or issues that are not bugs. Please don't post feature requests in this forum as they'll be moved to the Feature Suggestions forum.
  6. We've spent a while deciding how to do this, but the logical behaviour is that the down arrow allows you to start taking action on the content of the search box. So I might hit the right arrow once, find the result I need, then hit the down arrow to go and pick what I need out of Alfred's results. If you've gone past the item you need, you can hit backspace to empty the text field and start from the most recent item again.
  7. Duplicating items in the workflow is coming in a later beta build As Alfred takes the Gatekeeper approach rather than being sandboxed, we won't be able to use iCloud syncing as it's reserved for App Store apps.
  8. Currently, Alfred doesn't allow custom UIs like playing a YouTube video or showing a map in-line. That being said, if you used a script to return a list of YouTube videos for your search, you could then choose one and have it open in your preferred browser.
  9. It's fairly unlikely that we'll be adding this type of action. Alfred doesn't monitor what app is currently frontmost in order to remain a very lightweight app especially when idle, so he wouldn't know when to trigger (or not) a hotkey.
  10. As the iPhone Simulator is bundled within Xcode, it's likely that you'll just need to add /Application/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications to your Alfred search scope. Try that and see if it works. Also worth checking that Spotlight is finding both of these, as Alfred definitely isn't discriminating against simulators
  11. Have a look at this workflow which allows you to look up selected text by pressing a hotkey (which you'll need to set) and opens the word in Dictionary.app Look up selected word workflow
  12. It remembers 20 queries. The option to switch it on/off (and reminder that it's 20 queries) is in the Advanced Prefs.
  13. Instead of the "remember for 5 minutes", there's a super useful command history. Hit the up arrow and you'll be able to go back through your most recent Alfred history.
  14. Having just tested at this resolution, the whole preferences show up just fine - how big is your Dock?
  15. As you already know, the beta's evolving in stages, so more things will come later. If the open-ended use of fonts becomes a viable option, Andrew will be happy to add it!
  16. As this is the first beta, a few things haven't made it into v2 yet. Exporting of themes is planned soon, so in the coming weeks, you'll be able to export and share the theme rather than a screenshot. In the meantime, let's see how creative you can get with your theming
  17. Here's the one I've been using these days.
  18. I've just published a post on the Alfred blog with four extensions; Google searches, Paste as Plain Text, Should I watch this movie and Open folders in TextMate. These are good starting points to help you discover some of the simpler, a-minute-and-you're-done extensions I've been regularly using. I'll share many more over the next few days
  19. Hi there, We have set up this forum to give Alfred users a place to talk about the latest features, swap workflows, themes and ideas. Please read through the few Q&A's below, and familiarise yourself with the Community Guidelines. How can I join the Alfred beta? The Alfred beta is reserved to Mega Supporter users at this time. Find out more about the beta on the Powerpack FAQ Upgrade your single license to become a Mega Supporter Or buy a Mega Supporter license You'll be required to enter your Powerpack email address when registering for the forum, so keep it handy! I've registered, why can't I see the forum topics? At this early stage, we are approving every user manually to keep the forum limited to v2 beta users, as it helps us manage the amount of feedback we receive. As such, it may take a few hours before I can approve your account. (Remember that we're in the UK, so I may not be awake at the same time as you are.) Keep an eye on your inbox, as you'll receive a confirmation to the email address you provided as soon as I've approved your account. Once you receive this email, you'll be able to log in and participate. What is the forum for? The forum is for: Reporting issues you encounter during the beta: We'd be grateful if you could keep bug reports off Twitter and other public outlets, and help us by reporting them as clearly as you can in the forum. Discussing workflows (and themes) you create: The workflows feature is extremely powerful and you'll be able to extend Alfred in numerous ways. You can talk to other workflow creators and swap ideas! What if I need help? Andrew and I are working very hard to get Alfred v2 ready for public release as soon as possible. As such, I'll pop in and out of the forum, and will get the help of moderators, but can't promise that you'll get an answer right away, so please be patient (or let us know if you've discovered a way to grow extra arms - we're still looking!) Most of all, thanks for taking part in the beta! Cheers, Vero Co-founder, Running with Crayons Ltd, and Alfred's mum
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    This video shows how to create a latest topics block, showing the full post, and then adding that block to a new page.
  21. This video shows off some of the user interface you can expect to see in the article management area of the ACP.
  22. Learn how to use the new "Promote to Article" feature to copy a post to the articles section.
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