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  1. I upgraded to Emacs 24.2.1, and things changed. The attempted-paste now turns into an Emacs scroll-down-command. That makes sense if you know that scroll-down-command is invoked with Command-v. (Yes, Emacs is weird.) So, I guess Alfred simply sends Command-v. If I customise Emacs to bind Command-v to Emacs' version of paste (called yank), everything works nicely. I'm pretty happy with this as a solution. Old-time Emacs hackers would probably find it annoying to have to rebind Command-v. It would be fantastic to be able to customise Alfred to send a user-specified character to Emacs (or more generally to specific applications). But if no-one is asking for it I wouldn't bother implementing it. Thanks for listening. -Simon
  2. Thanks. I will try things on another machine, and maybe a different version of Emacs, in the next few days. I'll let you know what happens.
  3. Hi. I'm having a problem when using Alfred's paste functionality to paste into Emacs. I'm using: OS X 10.7.5 Alfred 2.0 (137) GNU Emacs [Terminology note: (Ignore this unless you have an Emacs background!) I use the word "window" below with its normal meaning. If you are familiar with Emacs terminology, I'm talking about Emacs frames, not Emacs windows.] When I paste from the Alfred clipboard into Emacs: the text does not appear in Emacs the window into which I attempted to paste no longer responds to cursor keys; after I type some other character the cursor keys resume working This happens every time I try it. Things work fine in the other direction — copying text in Emacs results in the Alfred clipboard knowing about it. Some details of my Emacs set-up that might possibly be relevant: ELISP> x-select-enable-clipboard t ELISP> interprogram-paste-function x-selection-value Can anyone reproduce this? Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening? -Simon
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