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  1. Thanks for that tip! Makes this workflow really awesome. Can you include it on the Packal page?
  2. Description This workflow allows you to create .gitignore files with Alfred. It uses the templates from the github/gitignore repository, and combines them into a single file that you can copy into your project. The templates are stored on your machine, so you have easy access to them, even when you are on the move and don't have internet connectivity. Download The workflow can be downloaded from Packal: gitignore by jdno Requirements Although it should be pretty self-explanatory, these are the requirements for this workflow: OS X Alfred 2 Git Installation After installing the workflow, you need to download the templates. Enter the following command into Alfred: gitignore-update Executing this will clone the github/gitignore repository, and make the templates in it available for offline use. Usage To use this workflow, simply type in: gitignore You will now see a list of all templates installed on your machine. You can search for specific templates by typing in their name. Selecting a template will place add it to the command line. If you've selected all templates that you want to combine, simply select the first item in the list called "Build .gitignore file". This will start the generation of the template, and open it in TextEdit once it has been created. Copy & paste the contents of the file and paste them into the `.gitignore` file in your project. Have fun! I hope some of you will find this workflow useful. If you experience any problems, please tell me so that I can fix them.
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