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  1. Yes, amongst many other things, I hope this will be fixed. It is now clear, that this is not an Alfred problem but an Os problem. Cheers !
  2. Can I just asked that if I use the cmd+Tab (keep tab button pressed) and select finder by hovering it with my mouse and then releasing the Tab button it does go to the open window. So there is definitely someway that ElCap has changed Alfred behaviour. Thought, you know, it's one of those things, when you're used to used it, and it suddenly does not work anymore, it's... annoying. Thank you for replying.
  3. Hello all, I cannot reveal the "Space" reserved for Finder with Alfred anymore, since mac os updade. Here is exactly what I mean, I have been as precise as possible to eliminate possible misunderstandings. Preconditions: -iMac 27 " running mac os "El Capitan" 10.11 (15A284) -Alfred updated in version 2.8 414 -There is at least 4 spaces set up. -Spaces do not "rearange based on most recent used". -Finder is set to be used on space 3 only. -Safari is set to be displayed on space 1 only. - At least 1 Finder window is opened (on space 3) Steps to reproduce : -open Safari (which then open on space 1) -open Alfred -type in "finder" to trigger the action "open finder app" -press enter Expected Results: (as previously observed before El capitan update) -The view will change to space 3 to reveal the opened finder window Observed Results: -The Finder becomes active but the computer does not change from space 1 ( safari) to space 3 (finder) to reveal the previously opened window. Am I the only one to observe this ?
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