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  1. I know that you can create a workflow list from a CSV file; but is there a way to extract a workflow lists to a CSV file? I would like to do this for several reasons. Thanks...
  2. I appreciate you taking the time to do this but I can't follow it. Is there a way to download the workflow you created so that I can study it? Thanks!
  3. I would like to use Alfred to search a Numbers spreadsheet for a row based on a column query. Once a row is found I would like to display the row or rows that matched the search. For example, in the spreadsheet below, If I search for 3B8, the workflow would display: 3B8, Mauritius, 38 Numbers Spreadsheet: 1S, Spraley, 307 3A, Monaco, 39 3B8, Mauritius, 38 3C, Equatorial Guinea, 69 … … Any ideas? Fred
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