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  1. @pdazero, @infinite_okay I implemented filename_format setting. Please download the beta version from GIT: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-markdown-notes and test Note: Do not download latest release from git because that version is still 3.0.1 where the one in repo is 3.0.2 Feedback would be appreciated.
  2. @pdazero My first prio was to upgrade to Python 3 which I released now. I will look into your issues afterwards. I am thinking of implementing custom note title patterns similar to the data format setting. But for now you need to live with your hack or maestro script, sry.
  3. Seems this workflow need some love 😀
  4. Just released Alfred Markdown Notes version 3.0.0 NOTE: Version 3.0.0 only runs with Python 3.7 and above.
  5. @pdazero thx I will release version v2.4.1!
  6. Please download and install alfred worfklow v2.4.1 here: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-markdown-notes Let me know if you're experiencing the issue in v2.4.1
  7. What was the action until error was thrown? e.g. create note, Create MD Link, etc Which version of the Workflow are u using?
  8. Can you provide me with the filename or at least an example? I need to reproduce the issue on my end.
  9. Alfred VPN Connector Connects/ Disconnects to available VPN Networks (System Preferences → Network) Download Latest Release Usage vpn lists all available VPN Networks Requirements Python 3
  10. Right format is: - [ ] my todo
  11. @pdazero I am aware of Zettelkasten and I used it for some time but I decided to implement my own solution without having another client end app dependency. I am using filename derived from title of the Note because I would like to stay independent. Sometimes I am just looking at the directory level to find notes without using Alfred and date only does not bring any value to me. The YAML header, why I am using it...just because I like it
  12. @pdazero is there any reference on how Zettelkasten is generating Filenames?
  13. v1.2 supports Powerbeats Pro in addition. Download on Git
  14. @epistaxis thank you for reporting this issue. It was a bug in my script when blueutil was installed via installer script. Fixed now!
  15. I am on Catalina and no issues.... 1. what is the output when you enter ... blueutil -v ....in terminal? 2. What is log output of Alfred...open workflow and click on the bug on top right corner
  16. not sure I understand. Which top post ?
  17. @vitor Done...implemented and released Thank you for the tip!
  18. what about Python? import os os.environ['PATH'] = os.popen('./_sharedresources "blueutil"').readline() os.popen('blueutil WHATEVER')
  19. @vitor sure would be wonderful. What is preferred way to start integrating it? Should I read manual first or is it meant to get premium support from you ? 🤗
  20. I know, it is an another AirPod Connector but I am an owner of 3 pairs of them, and I was not able to find an AirPod Connector which supports more than one pair. In addition, the WF runs out of the box without any configuration. Download on Git
  21. New Release (2.1.1) fixes slow search when searching across all browser histories. In addition, within WF environment variables, the search for each browser can be enabled or disabled optionally. Download on Git
  22. @cands I am now seeing another issue: You typed md# slutför but I implemented without white space, therefore try md#slutför or change in workflow if you like to type with white space
  23. @cands Strange, I but it worked some time before given your previous posts right? Please download newest version from files (not from releases). I did some minor improvements which may help. For me German umlauts works.
  24. @cands as mentioned before, I am not implementing subfolder scanning due to performance decrease. Re. German, umlaut for me it works. I am able to search for Bäume via `mdt#Bäume` as well as via `mds #bäume`. Can you provide me with debugging output?
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