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  1. v0.9 supports additional Chromium Browsers: Chromium, Brave/Dev, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera
  2. https://github.com/Acidham/chromium-hist-bookmarks
  3. @Cameron B not sure if I understand on wha you try to achieve. tell me...
  4. I quickly checked it but I was not able to find anomalies. I assume it must be somewhere in xml structure but I did not run further investigations. Anyhow @raguay.customct "fixed" it
  5. I have no idea! i played around a bit wit other bundle ids e.g. self.something and it works. With your ID it fails ๐Ÿ˜•
  6. it seems that Call External "EditFile" is causing this issue. When I remove that step it works.
  7. Thx @raguay.customct I installed your Pollen workflow and what when I debug my workflow it seems that plist reader fails here with: xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 826, column 12 But I cannot find an invalid token in info.plist of Pollen ๐Ÿ˜•
  8. Thanks for heads up, you are totally right! Fixed in version 0.8...
  9. @Andrew you are right the custom Terminal does not set q it's Browse Terminal Action together with custom terminal setting. Maybe I should use Terminal not Browse Terminal ?
  10. Not sure if this is a bug or change request. Under Alfred > Features > Terminal it is possible to set Terminal to custom. q (on alfred_script(q)) returns "cd {query}" but it is not documented that Alfred adds "cd " in the beginning. Better would be that q contains just the query OR it is required to document hat Alfred adds "cd " in front of the query. FMPOV it would be better that q just contains the query and leave it up to the user to add "cd " or whatever. Alfre version 4.0.2
  11. @raguay.customct Added log output when corrupted WF was found. Please install version 0.7.3 and open debugging console in Alfred. The WF path contains the corrupted WF will be written to the log: [09:07:23.292] STDERR: Search Alfred Workflows[Script Filter] Corrupt Workflow found, path: /Users/acidham/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.9E01D57B-1985-48BA-96CF-BBACDD1219A3/info.plist
  12. Ah ok. It's the Frosty Dark theme by @LiSongcheng with some minor adjustments: https://db.tt/5o0usLEo7l
  13. I would say that would be an enhancement request for Alfred Preferences @Andrew I never discovered a WF where info.plist was malformed and I expected that Alfred will throw an error in case info.plist is corrupt. So far we don't know what exactly caused the issue. Can you ( @raguay.customct) figure out which workflow caused the issue and share the WF with me for further investigation? You can figure it out in case the enabled workflow cannot be found by alf.
  14. @raguay.customct Thx for reporting ! Never thought about malformed Workflow info.plist ๐Ÿ˜• Added try/except block when reading plist ... 0.7.2 ... please try since I do not have malformed workflows installed
  15. @Jakub Sypiaล„ski got it! You mean you would like to see the icon of the workflow instead of the "hat" icon? Good idea, I will take a look at it...
  16. Which icons ? Screenshot would help!
  17. From just the description, it is a feature not a bug In case a Workflow has no Keyword,ScriptFilter or ListFilter you cannot proceed to the next step because there is nothing to choose. Otherwise please provide more info.
  18. @deanishe yeah I thought the same but I do not have an "vintage" workflow available. I implemented your fix and released on git (0.6.6). Please test. Thx for chiming in!
  19. @bk161124 Which version of Alfred are you using and which version of the Workflow?
  20. Search Alfred Workflows Alfred Workflows help to search in Title, Keyword, Description of a workflow and open it in various actions. Requires Alfred 4! Github: https://github.com/Acidham/search-alfred-workflows Options ENTER - Shows a list of keywords in the workflow and starts the workflow with a keyword CMD - For addtional Actions: Copy path to Clipboard Open WF Folder in Terminal (cd ) Reveal in Finder Open in ForkLift (requires ForkLift installed) Config exclude_disabled: True - ignore disabled workflow in search terminal_path: EMPTY opens in macOS shell or path to custom terminal
  21. @deanishe Btw, did you implement an Alfred WF for the Icon Generator?
  22. Did you install duti ? Any WF debug Info when executing ?
  23. v 0.9: Some code polish and added OneUpdater to update automatically.
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