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  1. I am using 1Writer on ios which does what you are looking for.


    the only thing is you need to point md_notes path in md notes on hour mac to 1Writer icloud path. 1writer will render all tags similar to typora.


    hope that helps …

  2. 9 minutes ago, 40-02 said:

    @Acidham, thanks for your workflow! I use it quite often. 

    Can you please consider such feature request: to add the keyword which will list results sorted not by number of visits, but by recency - when the url was visited last. 

    I believe it can be handy. 


    You mean triggered by a separat keyword e.g. `bhs` which sorts based on recently visitied?

  3. it is a folder action…means you need to search folder, TAB and choose open in forklift.


    what happens when you exec `open -a ForkLift “~/Desktop”` in terminal?


    assuming you have Forklift installed 

  4. In the log that you sent in previous posts shows that the folders were properly responded back, and hopefully it will be shown in Alfred:


    • jret18
    • Temp
    • Downloads
    • 2021 unsorted
    • Dropbox
    • Dropbox
    • Distribution

    Let's focus on one e.g. jret18: What happens when you press ENTER on that one? What is the log showing? Don't forget to have Alfred Workflow open with debugger enabled. 

    If it fails there must be an error (written in red)

  5. Ok this output looks ok and list all folders. Did you press enter on a folder before you copied the log output? If yes which one?


    please run again with log enabled and also choose a folder and copy paste the result.

  6. yes I encountered the same and it seems that Firefox history is slowing it down. Once I disabled Firefox in settings history search is fast. 


    You can play around with sql_fire_limit which also speeds up history search but the fastest experience that you can get is by disabling Firefox from history search. 


  7. I seem that the workflow picks up python version 3.9 but it is expected to pick python version 3.7.3. I do not have version 3.9 installed on my computer therefore I cannot test. 


    Let's do the following: 

    1. open py3.sh in workflow directory

    2. change PREFER_LATEST to 0

    3. Delete directory ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/com.apple.alfred.workflow.chromium-hist

    4. exec workflow again


    I hope python 3.7.3 will be set as python3 version

  8. When you would like to use custom templates you need to :


    1. define template_tag in config  e.g. #MyTemplate

    2. Create a Template by simply create a md note and add #MyTemplate to the list of tags...save

    3. Type `mdc` And you will see a list of your custom templates containing #MyTemplate

    See also README.md to learn how to use Templates


    hope that helps...

  9. 1 hour ago, bazerman said:

    You are a hero among men. Since evernote have kamikazed themselves this month, I've been looking for an alternative, but the key lacking feature in apple notes was their ⌘J search. This plugs that gap. Time to move over 💪

    @bazerman Interesting, I moved from EN to NS 6 months ago. I thought EN released a new version why are you saying then "kamikazed" ... did EN screwed it up?

  10. 2 hours ago, swiggy said:


    Hi does this workflow only work with the same height and width? for example 1080 x 1080? How can change it 1080 x 580 for example?


    Your usecase describes cropping but the workflow was build to resize an image. Therefore the answer to your question is no.


    please also read the usage Description:



    Select an image in Finder, open Alfred and enter rimage and enter a value for the target width, e.g. rimage 300. The image will be resized to target width by respecting ratio. Works with .jpg and .png.

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