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  1. Ok just updated to 1.2, please install new version from packal.org Note: There are two ways on how to trigger Resize Image: 1. Select one or more files in Finder, open Alfred and type rimage plus target width 2. Search png or jpg via Alfred and use File Action Resize Image
  2. did you trigger rimage with Finder selection or from Alfred ?
  3. Thx Vitor! I was playing with Transform Utility but I always tried newline ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ With Trim Whitespace it works.
  4. I was able to fix a bug where last file in the list was not processed due to a newline added by Alfred. In addition I added a file action which allows to choose files within Alfred and process with Resize Images. Version 1.1 is available on packal.org. @ixium please test the new version an let me know if your issue is fixed.
  5. I am not sure if I miss something but when I set a variable after an applescript returns a value the var always contains a newline (\n). I created a test workflow which shows the newline issue: https://db.tt/XmeYCGT5oL Any idea why Alfred adds the \n to the end of the value?
  6. Can you tell me but more when it fails? - How many items in batch? - any specific Filename pattern when it breaks ? - any specific image format? can you provide me with a zip containing batch items?
  7. Great Idea!! Some room for a lot of improvements manageable in Alfred (without touching bitbar) Change font size and add font in bitbar script Change refresh time Ability to add more than one entry Cycle thru more than one entry in bitbar Action to delete and add new items in alfred
  8. Updated to v 1.1: Shows recent files (sorted new to old) in a folder and opens the file, get file actions ,reveal in Finder or share via Dropox (requires WF http://www.packal.org/workflow/drop) custom folders can be set in List Filter relative to home directory e.g. Desktop or Desktop:somefolder Following actions are available: Enter → Opens file ALT → Enters into File Actions CTRL → Share via Dropbox (required Drop WF) CMD → Reveal in Finder http://www.packal.org/workflow/recent-files-folder
  9. Shows recent files in a folder and opens the file, reveal in Finder or share via Dropox (requires WF http://www.packal.org/workflow/drop) Custom folders can be set in List Filter relative to home directory e.g. Desktop or Desktop:somefolder http://www.packal.org/workflow/recent-files-folder
  10. Ok, Thx a lot. I implemented it in my workflows with bash mkdir -p ....
  11. ...and on the other hand you need to add to the scripts a check if directory is available which will be executed every time you use the WF. I think # of directories it not an issue.
  12. This means I need to script my workflow to check if the directory is available if not I need to create the directory? Furthermore I need to know what the bundle ID is or hardcode the directory creation with bundle ID? I expected that the workflow cache dir will be created once Bundle ID was set :/
  13. I tried to use Workflow Data Directory in Applescript combined with Bash (echo $alfred_workflow_cache) but when I use it the directory is not there. Bundle Id was set before. "Who" and/or "How" will the data directory be created? From Alfred automatically when Bundle ID is set or is it required that I have to create it manually/with the script?
  14. resolved: It seems it is caused due to the response delivered from Google Map API is an image which leads to some strange behaviours. I implemented it now in a way were I save the image first and then use it in quicklook. With this workaround the image will be displayed quite fast.
  15. Sry wrong URL and you are right its not the fault of Alfred. You can use any other URL because the one that I am using is an Google API call to Maps with API Key. I tried with <quicklookurl> and &amp; but it works only for the first quicklook call but any other will fail with error Parameter is missing. I need to restart Alfred and then it works again for the first time. any idea?
  16. I am trying to implement script filter with a quick look in XML arg but I always receive a parse error which is caused by ampersand sign. In the forum there is a pointer to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1328538/how-do-i-escape-ampersands-in-xml-so-they-are-rendered-as-entities-in-html and I already tried to use &amp;amp; and &amp; and the parsing is possible but quicklook cannot open the URL. The URL that needs to get added to XML arg for Quicklook: https://maps.google.de/maps?q=35.6813023,139.7640529&output=embed I am using applescript and use bash with do shell script. Does anyone else had the same problem and know how to work around?
  17. Great WF! One minor issue, seems to be an encoding issue: s4conv 45 F in C → Temperature: 45 &deg;F = 7.2222222 &deg;C
  18. Got following error from :fzyset when changing to find Files only: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <items><item valid="no"><title>Error in workflow 'net.deanishe.alfred-fuzzyfolders'</title><subtitle>'Settings' object has no attribute '_save'</subtitle><icon>/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/AlertStopIcon.icns</icon></item></items>
  19. Thx! Just updated to version 1.2!
  20. Acidham


    Thx @bramadams for the feedback. Fixed, Drop is now overwriting the file with the same file name Fixed
  21. Acidham


    Updated to version 1.0. Added config workflow for Dropbox Token and Target Folder Thx charlie999 for the feedback
  22. Acidham


    In Alfred 3 you can open the workflow and then click on the [x] (top right corner). A dialog will pop up and you can configure both variables
  23. When using List Filter with a few options it does not show the available items until I type. I tried with and without Placeholder Subtext but I alway need to type something before the items will show up. Is there a way to get List Filter step to show all items when entering the step?
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