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  1. Ok, let's proceed with two additional tests: 1. Is Alfred raising some issues in Debug Console? Open Alfred Preference → Search for Apple Reminders workflow → click on the small bug top right corner → execute workflow. Please post result in case you encounter an issue. 2. Execute following script in ScriptEditor. Open Script Editor (e.g. with Alfred of Spotlight), copy&paste the following and execute it by pressing CMD-R tell application "Reminders" set defaultList to name of default list make new reminder with properties {name:"Test"} end tell If successful you should find a reminder in Inbox with name "Test". Let me know if Script Editor throws an error.
  2. Ah ok you already tried 🤔 I am on macOS 10.15.2 but I believe that does not make different. Let's start with that: Did you visit Preferences → Privacy → Reminders and set checkmark on Alfred 4.app ?
  3. Today I experienced the same issue with Spotlight and @Vero you were right, even if I am not seeing Spotlight and/or Alfred I can type e.g. an App and it will be opened. This means Alfred and Safari is hidden after I plugged in my second monitor. It seems the issue was introduced with macOS 10.15.2 and it seems not to be related to Alfred.
  4. Yep, try it and you will see...
  5. @Vero that is a good idea... I will try it next week when I am back in the office with my second display and let you know....
  6. I think yes 🤔 1. build in search for bookmarks (url) only. 2. build in opens url in browser, this WF opens in 1Password but maybe I am missing something and it is possible there is no difference...let me know !
  7. Apple Reminders 2.1.1 is available on Git: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-apple-reminder Packal will not be updated anymore!
  8. I am experiencing exactly the same with Alfred 4.0.7 pre-release Do you sync your preferences? yes via dropbox Do you have an external screen? Do you plug and unplug from it? yes I am using external and yes plug and unplug Do you have any errors in Console after wake? Need to check next time
  9. Another Workflow to search 1Password items and open in 1Password. Download on Git
  10. new version 0.9 is now showing available keyboard shortcuts in quicklook help
  11. Try this one for Catalina: https://github.com/toland/qlmarkdown
  12. Thanks guys for the help! fyi: https://github.com/Acidham/search-alfred-workflows is now supporting keyboard shortcuts!
  13. @dfay great! That's what I was looking for. I will try to use the mapping in list_hotkey.py for my workflow!
  14. Im planning to extend my Workflow Browse Alfred Workflows by listing used Keyboard Shortcuts. Alfred stores this information in info.plist as {'config': {'action': 0, 'argument': 0, 'focusedappvariable': False, 'focusedappvariablename': '', 'hotkey': 12, 'hotmod': 1835008, 'hotstring': 'Q', 'leftcursor': False, 'modsmode': 0, ...}, 'type': 'alfred.workflow.tri...er.hotkey', 'uid': 'D0088C5C-4454-4EEE-...4B422BD79', 'version': 2} but I am not able to get a valid mapping rule, e.g. Hotkey 12 = CMD. And I am not sure what Hotmod means. Is there a reference or docu somewhere on how to map?
  15. v0.9 supports additional Chromium Browsers: Chromium, Brave/Dev, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera
  16. https://github.com/Acidham/chromium-hist-bookmarks
  17. @Cameron B not sure if I understand on wha you try to achieve. tell me...
  18. I quickly checked it but I was not able to find anomalies. I assume it must be somewhere in xml structure but I did not run further investigations. Anyhow @raguay.customct "fixed" it
  19. I have no idea! i played around a bit wit other bundle ids e.g. self.something and it works. With your ID it fails 😕
  20. it seems that Call External "EditFile" is causing this issue. When I remove that step it works.
  21. Thx @raguay.customct I installed your Pollen workflow and what when I debug my workflow it seems that plist reader fails here with: xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 826, column 12 But I cannot find an invalid token in info.plist of Pollen 😕
  22. Thanks for heads up, you are totally right! Fixed in version 0.8...
  23. @Andrew you are right the custom Terminal does not set q it's Browse Terminal Action together with custom terminal setting. Maybe I should use Terminal not Browse Terminal ?
  24. Not sure if this is a bug or change request. Under Alfred > Features > Terminal it is possible to set Terminal to custom. q (on alfred_script(q)) returns "cd {query}" but it is not documented that Alfred adds "cd " in the beginning. Better would be that q contains just the query OR it is required to document hat Alfred adds "cd " in front of the query. FMPOV it would be better that q just contains the query and leave it up to the user to add "cd " or whatever. Alfre version 4.0.2
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