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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Florian. I've reworked the workflow. It now handles existing comments and leaves them intact. I'm not keeping a list of ignored files. I use mdfind to dynamically construct the list. I've change the keyword to a default keyword ignore not to confuse people. Download: http://cl.ly/032U2J2l2f0z
  2. Last version for the day; removed the dependency on jdwarriors code and the ignorelist now shows the proper file icons. Download: http://cl.ly/0y221I1y341J
  3. I've uploaded a new version of the workflow. It adds two new functions using modifier keys: cmd-key: reveal the file on ignore list in Finder alt-key: open Finder Info window for the file on the ignore list regards. Download: http://cl.ly/1i1o0z13021T
  4. Hi, I've created a simple workflow to manage my 'alfred ignore list'. It reuses some PHP code from jdwarrior. I hope that's not a problem :-) The workflow contains a file action to add the alfred:ignore comment to a file. This will make Alfredapp ignore the file and not show it as a search result anymore. Type 'ignorelist' to display a list of all currently ignored files. Selecting a file will remove all spotlight comments (beware!) and will make Alfred list it in the search results again. I hope it's of use to anyone else. It helps me to get rid off all the annoying and useless
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