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  1. Okay, think I fixed it. Used a VPN from UK and was able to download it. Then I tried VPN with another server in Australia and that worked too. My ISP must have changed some setting that prevents access. Will send them a support ticket. Thanks for the help.
  2. My system has not changed in years. Same ISP same setup. Always been able to update other times. Will try again later.
  3. Was prompted to update to 3.6 but got message 'cannot find update zip' I searched forum and found one answer was to download directly from alfredapp site. Unfortunately this did not work either. "Safari cannot find server cachefly.alfredapp.com"
  4. I know this is an old post but.... Very very nice. I like it. Now I do not have to type long-winded paths to get to the directory I want.
  5. I just updated to 10.12.3 and as thinkfilm mentioned, it works as before. Everthing lines up nicely.
  6. I have the latest release 10.12.2 and it works okay. I will have to wait until 10.12.3 is not in Beta and is released.
  7. I dislike have to manually resize and position Finder windows, so after a little research I came up with this solution This workflow produces two Finder windows side by side, any size any position. Modify the script to suit your needs. Hope someone finds it as useful as I do. http://www.manorts.com/alfred/Dualpane.alfredworkflow
  8. Thanks for the workflow Jack. Works really well on Alfred 3.
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