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  1. Can anyone suggest a way or sketch a workflow to be able to run shell scripts from alfred directly? Example: Say I have a example.sh in /home/folder/ I'd like to be able to run this from Alfred; i.e. the following sequence of events happen: 1. I type example. 2. example.sh shows up in the list of results. 3. I [hotkey] to the options menu of example. 4. I [hotkey] something (a workflow?) to execute the script (in /home/folder).
  2. Would it be possible to add a compose option? I.e. so that the command 'gmail recipient@domain.com short message' would do what is expected?
  3. I solved my problem when I realized Alfred couldn't open any terminal windows whatsoever. I had "Custom" set as the chosen terminal, this was copied over from Alfred's preferences on the other computer. However in the new computer I only have the OSX Terminal installed. So after changing the preference to use "Terminal", the workflow runs great =D. Also, the lack of notifications in 1. in the above post was explained when it happened today; I have a Do Not Disturb mode scheduled for certain times of the day, and all my Alfred notifications get caught by this.
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble trying to install this on a new computer. (I've previously installed it successfully on a different computer, with a small subset of the errors below, all of which cleared quickly after restart of alfred or the mac itself, or just random good luck). I've installed lastpass-cli, which works in terminal. So far workflow behavior has been: 1. No reaction to any of the lastpass commands (lpsetemail, lplogin). (reinstall/restart stuff at random, hope for the best) 2. lpsetemail now works insofar as the notification center now says "Login Email Address Set To: myemailaddress". However, lplogin still does nothing, and search says I'm not logged in (I tried this before and after logging in to LP in the terminal with the same result). Please help; I really like using it on my other computer
  5. I would like to use (either standard alfred web search or a custom workflow) alfred to launch google searches. At the moment, they all open in a new window if the app (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) is not already open. I would like the behavior to be that the search opens in a new tab even if the app is currently closed, and is launched by the alfred query. Any help appreciated.
  6. Here is a screenshot. http://imgur.com/ePONHxM I would like to be able to see the screen behind alfred (for example, which is useful when I'm using a translation workflow). Hence the transparency appearance settings. Blurring or removing/adjusting transparency doesn't work for this.
  7. The bug: when alfred is activated, the results of a search will appear in the background of a subsequent search. I have screenshots but do not know how to attach them. What you were doing when the issue happened - using a workflow, however the bug was replicated while searching for files Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action - yes, replicable with same action as well as different actions Include any screenshots that might help us - see attached Include the Alfred version & build number you are using v2.8 (414) Include your OS X version 10.11 (15A284)
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