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  1. I've seen several workflows that do things like autocomplete tags, or folders, or something else. I'm wondering if there is a way to autocomplete mailboxes in mail.app? My use case would be a keyword to move a mail message, allowing the user to start typing the desired mailbox with the workflow providing matches. Any ideas?
  2. on alfred_script(q) tell application "Mail" set lst to (get selection) set _msgRecent to my GetNewerMessage(lst) repeat with _msg in _msgRecent set _msgSubject to _msg's subject set _msgBody to _msg's content set _msgSender to _msg's sender set _msgURL to "message://%3c" & _msg's message id & "%3e" -- Fixed: OmniFocus doesn't accept "<" and ">" as part of a URL tell application "OmniFocus" tell quick entry set _task to make new inbox task with properties {name:_msgSubject, note:_msgBody} tell note of _task insert "From: " & _msgSender
  3. I have a print workflow that I'd like to tie to Alfred. I assume there is a way to do so in AppleScript? The workflow was created in Automator and is in the typical place. Print menu item -> PDF drop down menu Is there a way to tell Alfred to run this?
  4. Ah, I get it. I was able to loop through the arguments and call the external trigger each time. Works perfectly. Thanks for the hint!
  5. I have a workflow that goes through several steps, with a couple filters in there too. Right now I invoke it with a keyword and an argument. I'd like to pass multiple arguments, running the workflow for each argument passed. I understand that the arguments are passed as a string, so it if were all one script being run I could just loop in the code. Is there a way to take those arguments and pass them along the rest of the workflow one at a time?
  6. I'm using the AppleScript below as part of a workflow to get mail messages to OmniFocus. This recently broke. I'm just wondering if anyone has a clue what the issue may be? Not sure if this is due to an Apple update, or an OmniFocus one. Error message [2017-01-11 10:29:46][input.keyword] Processing output of 'action.applescript' with arg '' [2017-01-11 10:29:46][ERROR: action.applescript] { NSAppleScriptErrorAppName = OmniFocus; NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = "Unable to convert the string \U201cmessage://<03D12B465157E52C189B6D836173733D254AF6F9@AMX>\U201d to a
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