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  1. @dfayThanks heaps for the tip! The bibtex csl works perfectly. @deanishe Absolutely brilliant work: thanks again!
  2. @deanishe: enormous thanks, the more recent updates to the workflow resolved my earlier issues. You are a star. I am thrilled to have this workflow. One feature request: could the workflow be used to export bibtex? No big deal if this is difficult, as doing so currently only requires me to use the workflow to navigate to Zotero, and then to quick-copy using a shortcut.
  3. Thanks for the super prompt response! Output below for `zot a`. [2017-12-21 14:46:20][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'a' [2017-12-21 14:46:21][input.scriptfilter] Script with argument 'a' finished [2017-12-21 14:46:21][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] . 14:46:21 workflow.py:2055 DEBUG ---------- ZotHero (0.1.1) ---------- 14:46:21 zh:280 DEBUG args={'--help': False, '<key>': None, '<query>': 'a', '<style>': None, 'attachments': False, 'citations': False, 'copy': False, 'fields': False, 'search': True} 14:46:21 core.py:35 DEBUG [core] cachedir=u'~/
  4. Enormous thanks to everyone, particularly @deanishe, for your efforts: I used to use ZotQuery daily, and would love to have a replacement. I have installed the new ZotHero workflow, and am using the Zotero 5.0.32 with the default data directory. When I attempt to do anything with the workflow, I get the following error: ``` Error in workflow 'ZotHero' sequence item 0: expected string or Unicode, NoneType found. ``` Any help at all appreciated!
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