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  1. I checked the previously public Dropbox link and its working. But I still changed the file location (now uploaded on the Jumpshare). You can download from here: http://jmp.sh/f7WSTAd
  2. Hello everyone, I've using Gadfly's Imgur uploader workflow. It's uploading images as anonymous user to Imgur. But I want to use it with my Imgur account. So, is there any way to change or modify this workflow to work with own Imgur account? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I really like to use Alfred on daily routine and it's my favorite tool on OS X. But I didn't see any theme for OS X El Capitan. So I created one myself. You can see the theme screenshot below. And you can download it from here. Enjoy it.
  4. Hello, I really love this workflow but it doesn't work as I expected. My problem is similar to ToBeFrank: when I enter ens term to Alfred then it is immediately opening Evernote in foreground. But Evernote is already works on backround. Why it's opening again? I'm using Evernote Version 6.1.1 (452254 App Store) and Alfred 2.8 (414) on OS X El Capitan.
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