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    manavortex reacted to deanishe in [question] Best practice (arg or default/fallback)   
    An optional argument to a Script Filter only determines whether the Script Filter will be run before you've entered a query. You still have to action a result to pass control to the next action.
    With a Keyword, you probably want to set your default/fallback in code. You can do it in Alfred with a pair of conditionals, but that's a lot more complicated than just doing it in code.
    If it's something you think you'll change a lot, put it in a workflow variable so you can change it from the workflow's configuration sheet.
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    manavortex reacted to DJ Johnson in Default to "default terminal" for workflow scripts   
    When creating a workflow, the default "script" option points to "/bin/bash" but why not just run on the default terminal option (which could be "/bin/zsh" for me and bash for other people)?
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    manavortex reacted to kjf in Add support for mailmate email client   
    The mailmate emails client (http://freron.com) is gaining a lot of traction recently. I use it as my primary email client and would love to see support added in Alfred.
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    manavortex reacted to johnku in Vim Navigation Binding   
    Would be great there's an option to turn on vim navigation (h,j,k,l).
    This would probably replace ctrl + n / ctrl + p.
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    manavortex reacted to CJK in Edit clipboard before pasting   
    Not a complete solution, but this establishes a hotkey that takes highlighted text in Safari, runs it through your regex, then sends the result to the clipboard.  Here, I've elected to use 〈Ctrl〉+〈C〉 as a close relative of 〈Cmd〉+〈C〉.

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    manavortex reacted to Ovi in Edit clipboard before pasting   
    It would be nice to have the option to edit the selected item in the clipboard before pasting.
    Thank you.
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