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  1. I was referring to having a single instance - ie not having to launch a new webserver instance for every workflow that might need this mechanism, and the Bundle ID was meant to scope the requests (it could be anything instead of Bundle ID as long as the Filter Script knows to include the proper URL in the JSON). And I did say "stopgap" ?. Also, I should have made it clear that this workflow is highly specific to my setup and not meant for publishing (except as a gist maybe). I was trying to avoid FS thrashing, but now am thinking RAM disk maybe. BTW I don't really mind not shutting down the server as there will only ever be a single instance of it (probably started in advance). Then I assume same problem holds for El Capitan. Thanks for confirming this. Just tried this and indeed it will shrink the font as needed. On the negative side, there is no control over wrapping and line breaks, but that's something I can live with. Still can't get over the fact you have to mash ⌘L (or Shift for QL) for every single result you want to preview (I understand this is not Alfred's fault as these weren't meant to be used this way), but at least now I'm aware of the alternatives, thanks to you and @deanishe. I do hope @Andrew will consider some of the things discussed here for Alfred 4 ?.
  2. Who said anything about integrating Node? That would be absurd! I meant running an http service on my local machine (which I would conveniently do in Node, but could be any other technology) to act as glue for the aforementioned workflow. There's no doubt in my mind - only asking if you (or anyone else for that matter) happen to know this to work under some certain configuration.
  3. I'd me more than happy knowing it's on the roadmap. I guess a system-wide nodejs server with a "http://localhost/<bundle_id>/*" URL structure could be a stopgap for a few sorely missed Alfred features - you could have full-blown templates! The problem however is there's no way to keep Quicklook open while navigating results and you'd have to keep tapping away at the Shift key. On a separate note, I just noticed that for a "quicklookurl": "https://www.alfredapp.com/" Quicklook displays the Chrome app icon and "Open with Google Chrome" button on the right, but I can't see any page content (also tried .webloc approach). Maybe it's not possible after all? (El Capitan)
  4. Sadly neither of these will work: Large Type can barely fit 50 characters in one line and there's no way to use a smaller font size, and Quicklook would require a "quicklookurl", so unless there's a QL plugin that allows embedding text in the actual URL, that's not practical, not even as a workaround.
  5. I'm developing a workflow that produces a dynamic list of snippets for pasting into the frontmost app. Some results may be too long, or even multiline. It would be great if we had a way to configure the "Script Filter" to display a Preview Pane on the right side, just like the Clipboard Panel does. The actual content displayed could then be sourced from the "arg" json field, or even a special "preview" one. And since the Clipboard Panel can also preview images, how about throwing that into the mix as well?
  6. Just wandered back to this post, so I gave it another try and it works as expected. No idea what went wrong back in Nov - some sort of glitch. Nevermind. Thanks
  7. OSX 10.11.1 Despite selecting "active screen", Alfred will appear on the default screen. "Mouse screen" works fine btw.
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