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  1. Published to https://github.com/cliffordp/alfred-app-workflows#development if it helps anyone else in the future Again, thanks to you people for helping!
  2. I had a different filter in the middle and I guess deleting it made it connect further down the road - or, more likely, I didn't initially connect it properly anyway. ugh - not on my game with this one My regex and vitor's regex both worked, but I did appreciate your explanation of the rule - it does sound better - although the plus is better than asterisk, as demonstrated here (not matching double slash): https://regex101.com/r/wvT3FC/1 I didn't add the $1 as a replacement because I do want it removed Thanks for the help and the tips. Really appreciate it!
  3. OMG, the simplest things... tyvm! Here's some regex testing that matches what I want: https://regex101.com/r/UeGzX3/1 However, it requires escaping forward slashes yet http://userguide.icu-project.org/strings/regexp seems to not require doing so (so I didn't in my workflow) Workflow that actually works now except for the regex matching - and interestingly not showing up in debugger: https://cl.ly/5acd6e68fdb1
  4. I want to copy something like wp-content/plugins/event-tickets/tests/restv1/TicketNotAccessibleCest.php and convert it to codecept run tests/restv1/TicketNotAccessibleCest.php and paste it the "event-tickets" part is variable, which is why I used regex to match \w When I run with debugging on, it's like the Clipboard (what I think should be {query}) is blank. Screenshot: https://cl.ly/120d35b1fd91 Is that a bug or an error in my workflow? Workflow is here: https://cl.ly/005392a2a9cd Thanks for helping!
  5. I've read this before. I really only do WordPress, and I like it that way... although someday I may not. I dunno. But thanks again!
  6. @deanishe, that solved it for me! I had never used system() before. I updated the gist with the working code and provided a downloadable Alfred Workflow there. I feel empowered! (Although I'm impressed with Ruby's brevity!) Thanks to both of you!!!
  7. Well I tried this in Alfred's PHP scripting and it didn't do anything: https://gist.github.com/cliffordp/a0ce681f51504649cd75cc9c22a53b2a (the opening PHP tag is there only to enable syntax highlighting; it's not actually added in my script) I'd guess that the syntax for PHP is the same as your Ruby because of PHP's system(). I also tried exec() and passthru() but none of these 3 worked. If someone could please advise how-to in PHP, I'd surely appreciate it just for learning's sake. However, @vitor, you've been a great help. Thank you so much for that.
  8. Thank you very much. It worked! However, I see there's no longer any regex logic to remove non-numeric characters. For example: "12345,281928" works fine "12345, 281928" does not work (does not build a valid URL) because of the leading space in the 2nd item ("281928", not " 281928") "12c345,281928" typo with "c" character in first item (should result in numbers only: "12345") Would you be able to include that in there for me please or explain what I should add? Also, does Alfred's PHP not have functionality to open the browser like your R
  9. I have a workflow (download it here: https://cl.ly/3C0n0e1n3W2N) that works and allows me to select some text like "12345" and use a hotkey to launch a URL of https://example.com/issues/{query} -> https://example.com/issues/12345 However, I want to enhance it to be able to support selecting text like "12345,281928", do the hotkey, then open two browser tabs: {query} -> A = 12345 B = 281928 1: open https://example.com/issues/12345 2: also open https://example.com/issues/281928 last one? then we're all done. I know PHP well so I could do explode( ',' {query} ), but I'm not
  10. Link does not work. It's a blank white page with just this text: Cannot GET /%c2%a0
  11. Or a team of people who individually use Alfred app, is it possible to make the snippets shareable between us? For example, John is the source of all the snippets, he clicks export, and each of us clicks import of his export file on each of our computers. Thank you very much.
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