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  1. Wow, I was not aware that BetterTouchTool offers such a trick with contextual menu. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for. I already use BTT with trackpad and keyboard, but juliosecco provided nice trick to use it more efficiently with a mouse. And Mx Master is simply amazing. I use it only for a week, and it already made great impact on my productivity. Lots of programmable buttons, 3 of them can be used for jestures (not the BTT kind of jesture, but click + direction, which is more convenient). Every direction is customizable too! And of course, both scroll whe
  2. Hi, I am an avid user of Alfred and recently I bought Logitech MX Master mouse to enhance my experience as Mac power user. And I found out that it would be great to trigger some kind of radial menu or context menu (iOS remote menu is exactly the thing I'm talking about) with bookmarked actions and workflows and to bind this action to one of the mouse buttons. Currently Alfred's philosophy is focused on keyboard, but it would be great to have such trick in PowerPack arsenal. Hope this idea will look promising. Regards, Dmitry.
  3. Hi, Please help me to find out if it's possible. I'd like to tune Alfred to use keywords that work only if specific app is active. E.g. if I write word 'command1' it will start one workflow when Safari is active, but it will start different workflow if it's Finder. Is it possible to achieve? Thanks.
  4. I registered to thank you personally. Jason, your workflow is amazing. Truly programmers are wizards of modern age.
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