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  1. Since Alfred already logs number of times Alfred has been called. If it doesn't hurt performance or anything, it would be nice if it also logged what workflows were called during the use and present that information. Aside from pretty stats, it could show which workflows in user's library are not used so one can clean things up.
  2. It is. Should I open a feature request for clean empty external prompt?
  3. I find Safari more performant than chrome in my experience. Tabs open faster, content renders faster even sometimes. I only chrome canary for webdev so might be wrong. In any way I can’t imagine using chrome as main browser if you also use ios devices. Chrome on ios is bad.
  4. Actually I take that back. Shouldn't this not be there: I think that was the point of the change. Now it activates but that empty thing shouldn't be there. Only Alfred input prompt.
  5. Source. I think it's a big deal and would probably mean saying no to running any python/ruby based workflows (of which there's a few) unless they bundle a runtime with them or point to assumed python installation (in path) I guess. I don't much use these languages and write all my workflows in Go (with AwGo) to get around this problem.
  6. In Alfred 4 there is `Only Show Enabled` setting but no `Only Show Disabled` which to me is very useful too as I want to instantly see all the disabled workflows I have in my library. I have over 100 workflows and disable ones I am not using now but still want to keep. Would appreciate this option being added.
  7. I have a workflow that has a keyword trigger that I activate with external trigger. Activating it from keyword works (pressing enter): Activating it from external trigger (my preferred way) doesn't work: Pressing return does nothing. No logs added in Debugger too. This workflow worked perfectly in Alfred 3 but now fails in Alfred 4. I really rely on this working as its one of my most used workflows. Thank you.
  8. And one more on the topic of accessibility. There is no hotkey for focusing on Filter search bar in Workflows tab. There is a great new search bar accessed with cmd + f but filter search is still useful but is only reachable with a mouse or another hacky KM macro.
  9. Super thrilled to download and start using Alfred 4. One of the things I thought would be added in it is hotkey support to jump between General/Features/.. tabs with something like cmd + 1/2/3/.. hotkeys. I currently use these macros to do this: It works nice but I wonder why this isn't something builtin into Alfred Preferences. Only downside I can see is when you want to create a hotkey and want to use cmd + 1/2/.. but in that case Alfred can take priority and not have cmd + 1/2/3/.. switch between tabs.
  10. I am trying to install this workflow by first loading it to ~/Downloads and then opening it. For some reason for this specific workflow, nothing gets loaded to Alfred. I mentioned it to developer and it seems I am alone in having this problem. Is there any way to get any logs or information of why it fails? Thanks.
  11. I thought I knew Alfred. This is cool 😎
  12. I don’t bread as much as I type. You use Vim too I know, I am sure you wouldn’t be able to stand a day developing in Xcode. That is considering I already have global vim emulation to a certain level across all apps I use. I just find myself enjoying writing and editing code in vim too much. Neovim embedded in Xcode or a proper Swift LSP is something I wish happens in my lifetime.
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