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  1. Not a question but just wanted to say that the recent new update to Alfred Forum is very awesome. I like how warm it looks. 😻
  2. Also check this lib for Alfred Swift: https://github.com/kiliankoe/Alfred. Not as extensive as AwGo but it's a start. https://github.com/kiliankoe/alfred_emeal is the only workflow that uses it though. 😐
  3. Take a look at Jordan Singer's SwiftUI apps (need to scroll down a bit). All are open source, all macOS apps using SwiftUI.
  4. Last time I tried to look into it, I got stuck and didn't want to ask further questions. Will try again.
  5. Using 4.1.2 pre-release. Thank you @Vero. That md file was of type `com.unknown.md` so I added it to the filter list.
  6. The workflow is manage notes in here for reference. Perhaps I should run a reindexer but it's weird that `'` search returns results but the scoped things has buggy behavior. I assume that since the file is found through the all file search, the spotlight index is fine and something is off with Alfred? The workflow worked flawlessly before this recent Big Sur beta build.
  7. I am running latest macOS Big Sur and I believe with recent build this issue started occuring. I have a workflow to search markdown files in a folder. Looks like this: There are some files that it should return but doesn't. For example this file: Is not returned: Some other files are. Sometimes they do come back, sometimes they are no longer there.
  8. Here is a simple KM macro one can use to automate it. opt+cmd+8 in my case triggers the clipboard history search.
  9. Very awesome. Can you please share the workflow? 💛
  10. Actually nvm this request, KM handles the complex cases well already. Deleted Typinator finally, one less program to run. Just hope Andrew could add 😻
  11. You mean doing it inside a workflow? If yes, then those snippets won't be searchable with Snippets Viewer I think.
  12. If I have this snippet: If I do a search like: Nothing gets matched because Alfred only searches over snippet titles. In typinator the quick search includes both titles & content which makes it much nicer to use. It would be awesome if Alfred Snippets could support this kind of search. Probably as a separate search (perhaps there are users who only want to match on titles). Thank you.
  13. I'd like to convert a snippet like this from Typinator: The {clip} is the current Safari URL. Also this: Will paste the current Safari tab's URL title. It would be nice to be able to do things like this from alfred snippets. Still would be nice if Alfred supported this.
  14. Want to move from Typinator to Alfred Snippets but miss this one thing. Ability to convert selected text into a snippet instantly. Typinator provides this as a binding. When text is selected and the binding is activated, this window will show: Can I do the same with Alfred?
  15. Let me know if you do try web searches though, would love to hear your thoughts on how I can improve it One other thing I want to add is starting off with a Searchio query powered by google and on return passing that query to web searches so you can do google powered queries on any of the websites on the internet. But that would require porting the Searchio core or submitting PR to Searchio for exposing the result in Searchio itself. Not too sure tbh
  16. Have you tried https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/alfred-web-searches I will try to push an update for support of truly custom searches. But the idea behind the workflow is that is that it searches over a list of searches defined here (https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/alfred-web-searches/blob/master/workflow/websites.csv) As example, here is a line in the csv file ` Pinboard,https://pinboard.in/search/?query={query}&all=Search+All ` Then you search for Pinboard in workflow And on return you start typing query, that query will be w
  17. Thank you both @deanisheand @vitor. Got a little too excited yesterday trying to develop workflows together. And I agree, I might be a little too used to instant messaging to separate posts into one big paragraph and one message. Thanks again. Going to read AwGo fully and make sense of it. I think it should answer all the questions I have. Might try to implement a basic version of AwGo in Swift too for learning purposes. I am also developing an Alfred app for iOS that I hope to release soon. The idea is to host workflows in JSON format on the cloud and build an
  18. Just rememebered. Went to https://github.com/deanishe/awgo searched `magic` and was linked to https://godoc.org/github.com/deanishe/awgo#MagicAction still trying to find what the magic keyword thingy was that I had to type. Will read more docs. Thought it would be easier as I didn't touch awgo in a while.
  19. Dropped out. CS and education didn't go well. Was depressed for a bit due to it. Also got fired from a job 4 times because I can't program well enough. Doesn't phase me though, I still want to learn. ✨ * the 4th time was because of corona virus and https://rekki.com (app for chef and suppliers) doesn't like corona.
  20. It makes you question your intelligence or lack of truly.
  21. Also sorry @chrisfor making a mess of your nice question. Hope everyone has a great weekend. ✨
  22. tl;dr A menu bar action `Copy bundle id` would be great to have.
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