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    Alfred Mono

    Download: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/pKn3GJWnOM/ Inspired by moving to Monochromatic theme in VSCode
  2. I always wondered why would one run AppleScript on the main thread if `Run Script action with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS) instead` exists?
  3. Yeah but I can't take as input a clipboard entry, or can I? As in use Alfred Clipboard History search and action on it to then run input through my workflow?
  4. Perhaps it would also be nice if one could create custom `Clipboard Actions` similar to `File Actions`. So you can write actions that for example taken as input some clipboard text would save it as txt file in desktop or send to some API for processing. Or in case of image, can write an action to save clipboarded image to Desktop or some other place.
  5. I often take images or save images to my clipboard and often need to upload these images somewhere but that requires a file with a path. I would love if I could press on cmd + return here And it would save the image to ~/Desktop. Would be super useful to me. Thank you.
  6. That did nothing. I ran it on a file that is also `dyn.ah62d4rv4ge8043a` and it stayed that way. In the end I don't mind adding dyn.ah62d4rv4ge8043a to my file filters. It's good to know what it means, thanks for the clarification.
  7. Thank you very much. Setting Sublime Text as default app for markdown did fix it just for one file. Thought that would work for all the rest of them. Going to read up on that UTI business.
  8. As a side note, do you know why a markdown file can have this file type I have to add it manually, I wonder if other files will have this messed up file type and if there is a way to fix it.
  9. Going to search up on that Alfred Metadata tool and see what that finds.
  10. Yes it is being found. How do I unbreak the metadata? I tried to drag and drop the file to that window on Catalina and it recognized it as as this type.
  11. I did try rebuilding of macOS metadata and it's been over 7 hours since I ran that command. I recently upgraded to Catalina so perhaps that is an issue. I did give all the rights to Alfred. Thank you for the help. This is a crucial workflow for me and I hope I can get it to work again.
  12. I have file filter that searches for markdown files. Download of workflow. Like this: And the result of the search returns nothing. Even though the file is actually seemingly indexed by Spotlight and Alfred does find it in global search.
  13. Still wish for this feature to be added. I want to quickly see all workflows I disabled and see which ones I want to enable again. Right now it's a mess to filter out disabled ones from a list of 100+ workflows.
  14. The link search isn’t working yet as it’s hard coded to my file system. Have to read up on awgo caching and things. 🐝
  15. Made a small update to the workflow to search through all the links in the wiki. As well as improved the general search so it gets correct URLs. Small demo below.
  16. It is super annoying not being able to search for a specific string in Alfred debugger. Especially when you have output of multiple lines so you are forced to scroll. 😢 I would love if I could press a hotkey (like cmd+opt+f or similar since cmd+f is taken by general Alfred search) and it would let me do a search for a string. Perhaps with a window like this. Thank you.
  17. Although on second thought changelog is useful. And I can automate the clicks.
  18. Instead of having to open Alfred Preferences & going to Update and then going to click update button. It would be great if there was update keyword users can type when Alfred has a pending update. This would save quite a bit of time. Thank you.
  19. Got this issue on my workflow. I am not on v10.15 but users of my workflows and I suppose others too will get this prompt on calling an external trigger or keyword. What should they do to get around it? I found this issue online when googling for error. Is there anything @Andrew and Alfred can do to remove this friction?
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