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  1. As I was creating this thread to ask for help on Large Type object. I had another issue with this Large Type object that is the way Large Type activates. Right now activating Large Type takes some delay before it actually shows on the screen. I want this to be instant. For example currently I use Hammerspoon to display things onscreen and it is instant however it lacked border background that Alfred has so I want to move it from HS to Alfred instead. Only thing is that it is quite annoying to see the ~ 1 second delay until Large Type actually shows up. As I will be running the above action many times a day. It would be great to allow users to set the time it takes to have Large Type activate on the screen where 0 value will be instant. Or have it be default to be instant. Oh and I did check it where by I call the Large Type as the first and only thing after a trigger and it takes the same amount of time (~ 1/2 seconds) which is not instant. I would really appreciate this change. Thank you.
  2. I have this workflow that writes some text to a file as a bash script. This text is essentially a TODO task of mine that I can prefill from Alfred keyword or select some text and change the file. My issue however is with displaying the task briefly on the screen with Large Type object. I want to make it so that if I activate this hotkey: The task shows up on the screen as it does currently. I then want to make it so that if I press the hotkey again whilst the Large Type is still showing, it will dismiss it and NOT show it up again on the screen. Furthermore I want to make the Large Type disappear after 1 second if I don't actually dismiss it in the time that it is still up. My workflow is that I want to quickly see the active task on screen, dismiss it immediately once I read the task by pressing the same hotkey or running the external trigger or have it be shown for a bit and let it dismiss on its own. Can I do this? Thank you for any help.
  3. I would also strongly advise making and automating making of backups. Data that is not backed up is lost data. Here is how I do it. There is also a funny take on backups here I quite liked.
  4. It really does have quite a lot of bugs. Even now, I got a notification on the bottom that @deanishe wrote a reply, I clicked on it but the bell in top right corner still has a badge. I am forced to update it too.
  5. I searched this forum and didn't find any thread on this but I wanted to propose it for a long time now. I very often use Discourse based forums like KM forum or Swift forum. And the experience in there is in many ways so much better than here. The interface is much cleaner, there is native markdown support, the search is better and more intuitive. I can't find anything this forum does better than Discourse can. I also have been reading this forum for a long time and lack of markdown in writing things is a very obvious paint point. There was a thread made 2 hours ago that mentions this very problem. I myself am quite annoyed too by the fact that I am forced to use an external tool like MarkdownTransform just so I can in some comfort markup my text in this forum and run it through the tool later. Also Discourse supports night theme which is a small cosmetic change but with Mojawe coming soon would be quite appreciated. It seems the big reason why this change can't be made is that you can't translate the content that is written on this forum to Discourse. Which if true, while sad, makes complete sense why we still use this forum software. But if that is not the case and there is a way to import all content into a new Discourse instance. I think this change would be really nice for the users.
  6. I also dislike how with writing Alfred workflows in Python, you are 'forced' to write them in Python 2 (which is soon to die) if you want to publish them to other people. With Go I get a nice binary I can just ship with the workflow.
  7. This can be solved by reading more on things and googling though. I also found that Go enforces a style in how you can write code which I feel is great for newcomers. Also the tooling you get, since Go is a statically typed language is amazing. Python has a lot more freedom but freedom means you are not sure what the 'best' way to do things is.
  8. I meant that it doesn't set query from passed in argument. So it had no os.Args[0] in it.
  9. I usually just send a message/email with what I want to share to that specific person or persons. But Dropbox file sharing works too.
  10. Hey @Neberheim. I also had and still have difficulty in writing Alfred workflows to solve my own problems but I got a little better at it over time. I wrote an article on how you can start writing workflows using Go language and AwGo library. I find Go language really nice to work with and the amount of libraries you can use with Go is immense. The article goes step by step how you can use AwGo with some Go code to make Web Searches workflow as well my process in creating Alfred workflows. See if you like it. ?
  11. That's what confused me as the workflow didn't have arg catching in Alfred My Mind. Thank you @deanishe. It works great now.
  12. I am trying to modify my web searches workflow and got rid of Kingpin library as it was unnecessary. I tried to keep main.go as minimal as possible and make a call to doSearch() func in search.go file. Here is the workflow I am using that is built from that code. One thing I don't understand is why when I make a search, the results don't get filtered. I checked and I do assign UID to all the items. I have nearly the same workflow here that I also removed Kingpin from and that works perfectly well. Would love any help on this. Thank you.
  13. I used the workflow @deanishe linked above but switched to a different solution all together for all my note taking. Now I just write all my notes as markdown files in Sublime Text. I put all the notes in one directory called knowledge that I put in Dropbox for syncing. And I can open any file in this directory with Alfred scoped to the path where the directory lies. I made a workflow for it too. On iOS, I use Ulysses app to edit the notes as Ulysses can consume directories of markdown files that are stored on Dropbox. The bonus point of it all is that I can then render all these markdown files to the web with GitBook so anyone can read them. If you want to keep private notes in this setup, I would create a directory in the main repo and git ignore it so it won't be pushed online for all to see. This setup works for me and I am super happy with it. Maybe you like it too. I am just not fond of keeping all my notes in a database that only Notes or Bear or any one app can read. Markdown files are super portable. Oh and Sublime Text has vim mode which neither Notes nor Bear nor Ulysses have.
  14. Updating and creating workflows is really easy for me. I use this workflow to search for the workflow I want to release/update to ~/Desktop. For example pressing enter on this: Will copy the workflow to desktop but also copy the version number to my clipboard `v.1.4`. I then modified @deanishe Repos workflow. Here is my modification. It searches across my repositories and on modifier press will open a new release on GitHub so I can instantly insert the version number I already have in my clipboard. Then write what changes I made to the workflow and attach the workflow. And it's released. ? For releasing the workflows in this forum, I have a small Typinator snippet I use: Which prefills all the required information I need. I don't bother duplicating the README in the forum as the README changes often and I don't want to keep two copies of it both in this forum and on GitHub. This forum is mostly for letting other Alfred users know about the workflow. I also don't bother changing the workflow's internal README too and just use this template: I only change the Website to link to the actual workflow when I release it. So yeah, you can automate most tiresome things if you wish.
  15. I am curious if you had any time yet to look at this. I would really appreciate this feature as I use Contacts Filter a lot during my day and getting values from fields like `GitHub`, `Twitter`.. with modifiers would save me a lot of time. Thank you.
  16. I have this workflow and inside it in a red Bash Run Script I want to send an HTTP request that needs as OAuth my GitHub username and password. I want to be able to share this workflow with other people and thus I don't want to put my GitHub credentials in the workflow. The request I need to send is this: https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/#delete-a-repository Actually I think I can get a GitHub OAuth token and save it in Alfred dirs somewhere and then use that but those Alfred directories always confused me. ?
  17. Never mind all this. I solved it by simply running these `hub` commands in iTerm by creating a zsh function and calling that in iTerm. Zsh function: # Fork cloned repo gfr(){ hub fork git branch --set-upstream-to nikitavoloboev/master master git remote rename origin upstream; git remote rename nikitavoloboev origin } And I just made AppleScript run the commands in succession like so: ❯ cd ~/dev/forks/codehn && gfr && exa Here is the final workflow in the odd chance anyone wants to use it. ? Thank you very much @vitor
  18. Yay. It now forks the repo. However a strange thing happens where the AppleScript that should then cd into the directory I moved to ~/dev/forks doesn't do that. It prints: cd Updating new remote: ~/dev/forks/bat && exanikitavoloboevnikitavoloboev instead of `cd ~/dev/forks/bat && exa. It's strange because I thought that Bash should run things one after another. So it should wait until hub fork finishes doing its thing. And then runs the other stuff like moving the directory, running the two git commands I do: #/usr/local/bin/hub branch --set-upstream-to nikitavoloboev/master master #/usr/local/bin/hub remote rename origin upstream; git remote rename nikitavoloboev origin And then I echo the path of where the fork now should lie with: echo "~/dev/forks/$CLONE_DIR_NAME" The only thing I did change was to add source ~/.zshrc at the top of the Run Script object. Here is the updated workflow. Here is what I get in debugger when I run the action. Should I perhaps put some pauses in the bash script? It already runs slower than I would like it to presumingly because of me sourcing my entire shell env.
  19. The only hub related option I see there is: hub.protocol=https The rest is things from my git config file. Here is an image of it, maybe it is helpful:
  20. I don't have this file. And both of those variables are empty for me. The hub fork works perfectly well when ran from iTerm.
  21. I started to colour Alfred objects that have errors in them and need to be fixed in red colour. A kind of TODO but without actually writing TODO in a note or anywhere. I also made a KM macro to quickly do the colouring of the object so I don't have to do it manually: It helps me quite a bit.
  22. I have this workflow originally made by @vitor and modified by me. It is messy but it works for nearly everything I need it to do. Except one thing. This script tries to run inside it `hub fork`. I have downloaded hub on my system. And I give the full path to hub like so: /usr/local/bin/hub. This fails for me and doesn't actually do the fork. If I run the same command in my terminal however, the command works perfectly well. The debugger shows this when I run it: [2018-05-14 20:31:17][input.scriptfilter] Processing output of 'action.script' with arg '/Users/nikivi/dev/clones/subliminal' [2018-05-14 20:31:17][ERROR: action.script] Error forking repository: Unauthorized (HTTP 401) Requires authentication fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git I suppose it is because Alfred doesn't see my GitHub credentials attached to my Git config but I am not sure how I can solve this, if I can. The purpose of this this object is that after I scan my ~/dev/clones directory and get a list of different repos there, I run an action and it forks the repository using `hub fork` command and then moves the repo from ~/dev/clones to ~/dev/forks. The moving part works, it's the forking that doesn't. Thank you for any help.
  23. I have two themes I like to use. One dark and one light theme. I would like to have Alfred use one of these themes in some apps but not others. In my case I would like to have Light theme be Default. However I want to make iTerm and Sublime Text two apps where Alfred invocation (both normal hotkey or triggered through hotkey or external trigger) will use the Dark theme instead. Would this be possible to add to Alfred?
  24. nikivi

    Ayu Light

    Turns out someone already made a perfect light theme. Thank you @Florian and his Paper theme.
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    Ayu Light

    Thanks. Fixed. ?
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