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    nikivi got a reaction from Alan He in The new Alfred forum UI update is very nice   
    Not a question but just wanted to say that the recent new update to Alfred Forum is very awesome. I like how warm it looks. 😻
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    nikivi got a reaction from dfay in The new Alfred forum UI update is very nice   
    Not a question but just wanted to say that the recent new update to Alfred Forum is very awesome. I like how warm it looks. 😻
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    nikivi reacted to Vero in Help with finding files   
    @nikivi Ensuring you're using Alfred 4.1.1, go to Alfred's preferences > Help > Troubleshooting and run the File Search Troubleshooting, dragging in some of the files you are expecting to see in your File Filter.
    This will give you more information on whether the metadata for these files is complete, and if their file type matches what you've included in your File Filter.
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    nikivi reacted to Andrew in How to save selected text as Alfred snippet?   
    @nikivi if you copy the selected text, then open Alfred's clipboard manager, you can use cmd+s on the selected clipboard entry, and this will open Alfred's preferences and pre-fill a snippet for you to save.
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    nikivi reacted to Terminal in How to save selected text as Alfred snippet?   
    This is possible with a more advanced workflow. It would take a initial setup. But once setup should pretty straight forward. Created a POC. If you would like to see it and modify it please let me know.

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    nikivi got a reaction from Alan He in AppVersion — Show version number of installed apps   
    Running av exposes the harsh reality of how many apps I have on my system. It takes legit 20 seconds to get some results back. 
    Thanks for sharing it though.
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    nikivi got a reaction from chris in Seeking suggestions on sharing Custom Web Searches   
    Have you tried https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/alfred-web-searches

    I will try to push an update for support of truly custom searches. But the idea behind the workflow is that is that it searches over a list of searches defined here (https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/alfred-web-searches/blob/master/workflow/websites.csv)
    As example, here is a line in the csv file
    Pinboard,https://pinboard.in/search/?query={query}&all=Search+All `  
    Then you search for Pinboard in workflow

    And on return you start typing query, that query will be what will be placed in {query} exactly the same as what alfred allows.

    I use it all the time but didn't get to making it more user friendly to other contributions in case you don't want to use any of the 500 searches defined that come with workflow I want to allow users to have custom lists.
    Also now that I am typing this out, Alfred allows you to create keywords for each of the queries (forces you too actually). Would be nice to solve this use case too perhaps. 

    The only way I see how to solve it is to generate Alfred objects in similar way that https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-searchio does. Don't see any other way.
    But if you do want to have many custom searches with unique keyword, workflow will get big (many objects generated) and thus slow to use.
    Actually never mind all that, I have a solution that doesn't require object generation. Create hotkey blocks that send a keyword like `PInboard` and the workflow will know what to do with it. Will try to solve this and let you know @chris as I believe it should solve the issue you have nicely. Alfred web searches are way too limiting and require too much friction in creating a new search. Web Searches allows creating a new search by opening a file (have it bound to km macro) and adding one line.  
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    nikivi reacted to deanishe in Seeking suggestions on sharing Custom Web Searches   
    No it wouldn't. Getting results for a single autosuggest endpoint is trivial.
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    nikivi reacted to vitor in Advice on structuring my Github repos?   
    Then don’t make a mess. There are twelve unnecessary posts—all yours—on the first page of this thread (and they are the reason there’s a second page). You post too much too often and it seems to be getting worse. You make new posts like other people make paragraphs.
    That’s annoying for other users because we get an absurd amount of avoidable pings and your question is all over the place. You’re making more work for us to help you, which is unreasonable and works against you.
    Pause before you submit a reply. Make sure everything is in there. If you need to add something to a thread but the last post is yours and it was made in the previous two hours, edit it instead.
    Which is compounded by posting to a forum like if it were a chat.
    It’s not that you (@nikivi) can’t figure out the answer, but that you don’t think about the question before asking.
    Not enough. Don’t ask unless you’re able to describe what you’ve tried and how it didn’t work. Many answers will come to you during this process and you won’t even need to post (rubber ducking is real; use it). If you haven’t tried anything, you haven’t thought about the problem.

    Slow down. You’re trying to go faster than you can manage, which is why you always crash and get stuck. Go slower and you’ll reach farther.
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    nikivi got a reaction from deanishe in Add a button to open cache directory of the workflow   
    Either as one of the options here

    Or in UI

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    nikivi got a reaction from deanishe in Advice on structuring my Github repos?   
    Dropped out. CS and education didn't go well. Was depressed for a bit due to it. Also got fired from a job 4 times because I can't program well enough. Doesn't phase me though, I still want to learn. ✨
    * the 4th time was because of corona virus and https://rekki.com (app for chef and suppliers) doesn't like corona.
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    nikivi got a reaction from chris in Advice on structuring my Github repos?   
    I do both, small workflows in one mono repo (https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/small-workflows) updated with OneUpdater. Workflows with more code are updated with deanishe library https://github.com/deanishe/awgo which is the go version of his python library (and shared either in small workflows or as a separate repo).
    I like this structure as there is too much friction I feel in sharing a small workflow by creating a new github repo every time.
    One other thing that's useful to know is how to symlink workflows. 
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    nikivi got a reaction from chris in Alfred my mind   
    Holy wow, Alfred is insane. Also I did it. ??
    Here you can find the latest download with the workflow. With OneUpdater finally working. Hope not to do silly silly mistakes like this again. 
    In all honestly though, even though this workflow has quite a few personal things that you don't care for. There is some that I think all can use and love. Books, courses, websites, research papers. There is a lot there and is all super fast. Take a look and see if you like it. ?
    Also the little parser I use to convert the markdowns I get from MindNode to Alfred JSON is also freely available. I hope to use it more now that it is out, it is quite powerful. 
    In other news, a search engine I am working on will soon get its first public API. I have a really insane workflow idea for it that I hope to write and publish soon too. 
    Again, thank you to @deanishe for his patience. No more imgur screenshots from me here. Only workflows. 
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    nikivi got a reaction from chris in Alfred my mind   
    Alfred my Mind
    This workflow lets you search through entirety of my personal wiki, all the articles I wrote and GitHub repositories, as well as GitHub Gists I share and a lot more.
    You can read why I made the workflow here.

    As this workflow is focused and optimised for fast access to all the knowledge and references I have indexed. It is adised you read through some parts of my here first.

    My goals with sharing both this workflow and my wiki knowledge base is to extend my idea of knowledge bootstrapping and tapping into a person's expertise in the most transparent way possible.
    For more information, on how you can use the workflow, you can read the GitHub readme.
    Hope you like it. ?
    Code | Download
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    nikivi reacted to deanishe in Goodreads Book Search   
    Massive update today. Complete rewrite, basically.
    The workflow now uses OAuth, so you can access your own bookshelves and add/remove books.
    I've replaced custom URLs with custom scripts, so you can do just about anything with book data, not just open URLs.
    The workflow can now also fetch a book's full dataset, so there are a lot more data to play with (e.g. book description, which is available as plaintext, HTML or Markdown).
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    nikivi reacted to Phuket2 in Shortcut keys for the debug area in workflows   
    It would be nice to have a few shortcuts for the debugging in the Workflow. Notably to expose the debugging panel as well as to clear the output.
    As I use VSCode all the time and my memory muscle always wants to use cmd J to toggle hide and show the debug area and cmd K to clear the output screen.
    I figure a lot of people would do the same thing
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    nikivi reacted to deanishe in Run macOS Services   
    Run macOS services from Alfred…
    on the current selection on the clipboard contents
    on files via a File Action
    Download the latest version from GitHub and double-click to install.
    Use keyword services to run a service on the current contents of the clipboard. Configure the included Hotkeys to run a service on the current selection or clipboard contents. Use the macOS Services File Action to run on selected files in Alfred.
    For more info, see the README on GitHub.
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    nikivi reacted to deanishe in Does anyone use Spotlight or any other search tool besides Alfred?   
    Yeah, I like HoudahSpot for a few things.
    I still use Spotlight for irregular searches, especially in source code, because Alfred deliberately ignores so much in the pursuit of speed.
    Also, saved searches/smart folders are awesome. My Smart Folders workflow was one of the first I wrote, and one that I still use the most.
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    nikivi reacted to Jasondm007 in Direct Access to Alfred's Default File Actions - A Feature Request   
    I would love to be able to directly access all of Alfred's default file actions in my workflows.
    @Andrew recently added some awesome new actions for the buffer - and, Alfred already included some of the other default file actions, like Reveal and Browse - but I'd love to be able to access other default file actions, too - such as Open With, Recent Documents, etc. At the moment, if you want to access these without extra steps, you have to use GUI-based approaches that type the file action's name into the File Action panel, which are always imminently fragile and problematic.
    There are a variety of ways this could be implemented, but here are some early thoughts:
    Create a new action, in the Actions section - perhaps called Run File Action - where the user can use a drop down to select the file action they would like to run on the file paths that are being passed to it. You might think of it as a more specific application of the "Action in Alfred" action. At a minimum, the dropdown should be populated by whatever file actions the user has enabled (Features > Actions > File Actions). However, if you wanted to get fancy, it'd be even better if the dropdown included both Alfred's file actions AND any the user has created. In theory, the dropdown might operate something like Alfred's "Call External" output, except that it is displaying Alfred's default file actions and any the user created.  Add a new option in the "Action in Alfred" action, which includes a dropdown allowing the user to specify the action that will be run on the file paths included above. The dropdown could operate like either of the options described above (just default file actions or include the user's file actions, too). Unless the user enables this option, of course, the default would be to send the file paths to Alfred's File Actions panel, allowing the user to select for themselves (i.e., the same way they do now). Add a new option to the "Call External Trigger" output that allows the user to access Alfred's default file actions Provide AppleScript access - enhance this existing "actions" command. Example: tell application "Alfred" to action OpenWith theFilePaths  
    If I had to choose from these options, I'd probably go with the first or second option. But I honestly don't care how it gets accomplished! And, while I didn't include it above, if you really wanted to step things up, I would include some kind of error feedback mechanism - such as a notification, etc - for when users pass file paths to file actions they should not have - such as when they've passed more than one file to an action that can only handle one file, or when the file action is tied to a specific file type that does not match the files the user is trying to pass to it. Again, these are just fancy bells and whistles, I'm not picky here!!
    @Andrew Is there any way we can get better access to Alfred's default file actions? 🙏 They're great, and I'd like to start tapping in to these more - as opposed to trying to recreate them myself, in a workflow, or going to GUI route. As always, thanks for your consideration! Long Live Alfred!!
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    nikivi reacted to vitor in Have Alfred download iCloud files before opening   
    Why would you assume that? You’ve been part of this community long enough to know we don’t shy way from questions, no matter how simple. You should instead assume no one had the chance to look at it; or is busy; or enjoying a break; or missed this post; or doesn’t know; or can’t test. I doubt there’s a single post on this forum from the past half-decade (likely longer, probably ever) that was left without a reply for having an obvious answer. I’m optimistic you didn’t mean anything negative by it, but I am also surprised you’d entertain that idea as a genuine possibility.

    I, for one, don’t have any of those undownloaded iCloud files to perform tests on and it’s not like you can give us one. I’m also too weary of iCloud Drive behaviour to risk playing with letting them be deleted or not, but even if I were to do it it’s not like we have control over it.

    Posting multiple times in a row also doesn’t help. From an outside view (e.g. checking on posts via RSS), frequent posting seems to indicate a discussion is going underway, which tends to mean progress is being made.

    Try changing the file association, as mentioned. If you can’t do it via a GUI, try duti (available on Homebrew). You may need to run mdls the file for useful information.
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    nikivi got a reaction from mjwalfreds in Someone made a successor to Packal to share workflows   
    I think my alfred workflow list is a bit cleaner than Dave's but thats my opinion.
    The tool I wanted to build was also what Dean had in mind. It should be automated to get info from GitHub first and foremost with additional submit ability.
    I wanted to build some hook in system to map a workflow to github releases and have the site update from that.

    Although not all distribute workflows via github releases and some dont distribute via github at all.
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    nikivi reacted to deanishe in Can Alfred provide instructions in popover on failure to run unsigned binary   
    Yes. But you can't sign scripts.
    Not necessarily. Python scripts can be distributed as bytecode, and it doesn't much matter that you can read the code if the script has already run because macOS didn't ask you for permission first.
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    nikivi reacted to raguay.customct in Dash Docset for Alfred   
    You download it in Dash. Go to the home page in your Dash program, click 'Download Docsets', and search 'User Contributed' for Alfred. Then click download. Very simple.
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    nikivi got a reaction from Will B Chang in Add automatic note on script filters with placeholder subtext   
    If you have this script filter block:

    It would be nice if Alfred would automatically create a note for the user with the placeholder subtext instead of leaving it empty as it is now.

    So it will look like this:

    I often add such a note myself to script filters as it provides context but it's annoying to have to do it every time + having to keep it in sync. 
    Perhaps Alfred can color it in a different color to signify that the note is 'generated'.
    Perhaps also some other blocks can make use of this 'generated' notes from meta data already provided. Will make managing and understanding workflows easier and remove the burden.
    Thank you and I hope you consider adding it. ❤️
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