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  1. Thanks Andrew, I figured as much on the bitwig side of things, but I think there's possibly some prevention that could be added to Alfred to ensure that I can still use my system after bitwig doesn't start (yep Alfred is that indispensable that I can't picture myself without it ) From an Alfred perspective, it seems odd that it would lock up due to a poorly performing external app. Perhaps spawning a new thread / process to perform the actual execution would solve this issue. Comparatively spotlight continues to work in this instance
  2. Bitwig occasionally doesn't start properly. Running it from Alfred (v2.8 414) freezes Alfred (window / tray icon are unresponsive) OSX 10.11.0 Repro - often. I'm not sure why Bitwig (1.3) fails to run, but it's likely a bug / something to do with 10.11.0. Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfk50bupywd004h/Screenshot%202015-11-12%2023.57.29.png?dl=0
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