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  1. Hi! Could somebody help me to make a solution i Alfred that start up an email to myself by shortcut? E.g. ctr + z Just type ctr z and the email (to myself) is ready to send a message (email) to myself. Geir
  2. Alfred search for all I need, except for Google slide presentations. Somebody that can show me how?
  3. Hei deanishe.... You have saved me a lot of time! I am thankful for your help! Thanks a lot! Geir
  4. Hi again! Thanks for trying to help! I am not a pc/data man, and I am not able to give you what you ask for. Then my question is: Is there a way to produce a hotkey in Alfred who open Mac mail with my own emal-adress in the place "To": like this: To: abc.xyz@gmail.com.... and the cursor ready at "Subject", ready to write something to myself? Mac mini 2014 OSX ELCapitan ver 10.11.5(15F34)
  5. Hi again! YES I am sure that I could do this before in Alfred. I used it massive. The point is to send an email to myself I'm Mac Mail easily: 1. Tap a shortcut (ctr+z) 2. Write the message in the email 3. Send The solution is like "Captio" for iPhone....Have a look on this tiny program in App store....(but it do not work on Mac)
  6. Hi! I have a short cut: ctr + Z that let me send an email to myself quickly. I found the solution in Forum or so. I worked a long time, but now it won't. I get: Send email to Geir Fossnes, but when I tap enter it goes to the wem site and search for "email Geir Fossnes" in Google. What have I done to destroy this nice shortcut? Sombody to help me?
  7. Thanks a lot!.... Is it possible to get this even quicker? Can you use a hot key and then just type in the contact-name you want to send an email to?
  8. Hi! I am new here! I use the standard shortcut in Mac to take a screenshot. But then it save it as a file behind so I do not see it. Can Alfred use the standard shortcut, take a screenshot and bring the "picture" at font? As .jpg
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