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  1. The URL is dead. Can you please share a solution?
  2. I made an apple script which switches russian to english and english to russian languages. https://github.com/j2thex/keyboard-language-switcher I use alt+shift+z to switch. So when i misytped a couple of words - i press alt+shift+left and then alt+shift+z The script is not perfect, but it's something, a viable alternative to punto switcher Please help fix bugs
  3. Hi guys! Can somebody tell me what is PNG file type? I can't get custom category to work. Thanks ?
  4. I tried enabling the slow down simulated key events - but it did not help.
  5. I can't get alfred snippets to work properly with punto switcher. Prerequisites: Alfred is on in accessibility Punto Switcher is on accessibility The bug: 1. Type word in english 2. Press Punto switcher button to convert last word to other language layout 3. type any alfred snippet shortcode Expected result: A text snippet is placed Actual result: My last item from clipboard history is placed Gif of the bug is here: Please help! I need alfred snippets and punto switcher to work together!
  6. Hey, can someone share this workflow? The link is dead
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