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  1. BTW, your action workflow works perfectly. Thanks.
  2. Well, technically, the feature is called Quick File Search not Quick Folder Search . Therefore I would imagine most people are using this to search for files rather than folders, thus lessening the value of cmd+down. I guess I should move this to feature suggestions as it would allow quick navigation to deeply nested folders where you know a file name but not the folder name or where the first result is a file in the desired folder. edit: to correct my technicality to make it technically correct.
  3. Could be, I just thought it would be built in like the folder option Andrew mentioned. Not quite sure why this would only work with folders and not files. Seems somewhat arbitrarily restrictive.
  4. Thanks. That helps, but if I am on an actual file, rather than a folder, this doesn't work.
  5. So if I know the name of a file buried deep in a set of folders, I would like to be able to do a Quick File Search to find the file and then have an action or hotkey combo to display that file in the File Navigation, rather than starting at root with / or in the home folder with ~. I thought there was a way to do that but now I can't remember/figure it out.
  6. Does anyone else experience an inability to delete a server? I command enter on a result, and it says it was deleted, but when I next invoke it, it is still there.
  7. If I have a Quick File Search result I have been trying to figure out how I can convert that result to a Browse in Alfred starting point. I could have sworn that was an option and, if it isn't, it should be
  8. You can do something like this but it would involve adding an app like Keyboard Maestro. This is an amazing macro app and I use it to turn various hotkeys both in Alfred and everywhere else on and off depending what app is currently running. Thus I use ctrl-a to do a different but very common task in my accounting program, checkbook program, mail, etc. I'm not sure alfred's workflows can be app specific
  9. Is there a way to add an argument so if I type "srv myserver" the server myserver would be selected and or mounted?
  10. Can I add to Tyler's request for how to go about doing this. I can't even find third party apps that will allow that.
  11. I have been enjoying this http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/180-connecting-to-remove-servers/ workflow to connect to remote servers. I was hoping to be able to modify it to launch screen sharing sessions but, alas, the workflow is based on php and bash scripts that are beyond my ken. Anyone willing to help?
  12. This works amazingly well. Thanks. I was hoping to figure out how to use the exact same workflow but modify it to start screen sharing sessions. Unfortunately my php and bash knowledge are nil. Any experienced kind souls that might help?
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