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  1. Thanks Vítor, your suggestion is great and works. I just post what I've done and let's if anyone can improve it. I've added 'Show in Finder' hotkey for both Xcode and Atom in keyboard shortcuts in system preferences. However, I need two different ways to reveal a file. For Xcode, left click a file and press the hotkey. For Atom, right click a file (menu popup) and press the hotkey. The reason caused the difference is Xcode has 'Show in Finder' in File → Show in Finder, whereas Atom hasn't. The 'Show in Finder' is located in the menu when right clicking a file.
  2. I know there are lots of questions about 'Show in Finder' already, but none of them can fit my need. I want to reveal a file in Finder with a hotkey when using my text editor (any apps like that). For example, in Xcode, I left click to select a .h file and press a hotkey, then Finder opens and jump to where the .h file is. In other words, the workflow is a shortcut to right click on a file and click 'Show in Finder' in the popup menu. If there is any way to do that, please let me know. The most stupid solution in my brain is to mimic the manual operation using applescript. But I don't
  3. Not in the script, but here: And you can change the hotkey by double clicking the Hotkey box.
  4. Hi politicus, thanks for trying this workflow. To solve your problem, you can simply apply a new hotkey, e.g. Ctrl+D, in the Hotkey Settings. I hope this workaround helps.
  5. Show Mac Desktop I'm looking for a Window's Show Desktop alternative on Mac. The Show Desktop option of Mission Control may be a choice, and I also found and tried this workflow as well, but it doesn't work perfectly. So I decide to make a workflow by myself. It's my first time to write AppleScript and please leave any feedback and suggestion. Download Packal Copy Usage Press ⌘+D to Show Desktop - a shortcut to minimize all the on-screen windows. Also you can assign the hotkey you preferred. How it works A hotkey combining two-step action: Activate Finder and hide all other apps by
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