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  1. You, are a hero. thank you for this workflow! One feature request: I'd like to use this without using a keyword. I want the results to this to appear by default. Any way I could make that happen? Also, I'm an interface designer, www.nimbling.com, if you choose to implement the shortcut icons, I'll happily create you a proper one
  2. Important note! <Command + Option + \ > works perfectly with this workflow! Select a few files in finder, press those keys, select this workflow, and continue as planned Thank you 69wpm!
  3. I meant mine is low tech, not yours But I would much rather use yours once I can
  4. This is decidedly low tech, but this is working for me (albeit, without any live text prediction) - and the other flows in this post, I can't get to work. I got them to *run* by adding a ~ to the "/Library/..." bit in the PHP though. <Keyword>+argument >>> chrome://bookmarks/?#q={query} (Force open in Chrome) http://www.nimbling.com/temp/Chrome%20Bookmarks.alfredworkflow
  5. Sweet! check out my food log one, too, that one links to yet *another* one that is similar, and puts the cursor at the end. That "other" one could use the cursor moving, by the way. I'll post it in that thread http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1643-open-a-search-called-foodlog-in-nvalt-and-bring-window-to-front/
  6. On my quest for keeping track of my eating habits, I needed a quick way to add things to my foodlog. The custom url/search thing didn't behave quite the way I wanted, so I created a workflow that does: It's similar to Jarhead's note taker, except that mine does not accept an input or does time labels. http://www.nimbling.com/Downloads/NvALT%20-%20Food.alfredworkflow
  7. The custom search didn't bring the nvALT window to the front, so I created this workflow that does. http://www.nimbling.com/Downloads/NvALT%20-%20Search.alfredworkflow
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