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  1. Mojave actually. Did not even beta test Catalina. Too many bugs
  2. OK. No error displays but here is the debugger report: [15:45:04.648] Logging Started... [15:45:12.609] Emoji search[Script Filter] Queuing argument 's' [15:45:12.681] Emoji search[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'sm' [15:45:12.768] Emoji search[Script Filter] Queuing argument 'smi' [15:45:12.875] Emoji search[Script Filter] Script with argv 's' finished [15:45:15.902] ERROR: Emoji search[Script Filter] JSON error: Garbage at end. in JSON: {"items":[{"uid":"smiley","title":"smiley","subtitle":"Copy \"😃\" (smiley) to clipboard","arg":"😃","autocomplete":
  3. I downloaded v1.9 but whenever I type emoji or anything I use to trigger the Emoji Search, it triggers a google search instead. Any suggestions?
  4. Perfect. Both work and enable what I wanted. Thanks very much!
  5. Frequently I invoke Alfred's calculator functionality. But the results are usually with two extra decimal points. For example: 24.5 *.03 Result: 0.735 (rather than 0.74) Any way to confine Alfred to the hundredths, rather than thousandths? Perhaps this could be a preference? Thanks.
  6. I know there was some discussion two years ago about Alfred losing focus when switching to an active window or app, and understand the concerns. But since I've been using Alfred over many years, it's been the one issue that has made Alfred more of an issue at times than it needs be. For example, if I'm running a calculation in Alfred but do not hit Return, switch to another window to grab data to add to the formula, and return to Alfred, the contents are empty. What I'd prefer is something like this: Start an equation (eg, 23*.03) but do not hit Return or Enter Switch to another ap
  7. Surprisingly, when I updated through the Alfred app today to 2.8.1, all my workflows and preferences and themes were gone. I'm now trying to restore them. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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