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  1. Ah yeah, I tried that. I was hoping for something a little more rich and that I can use with my iPhone when on the go, so quick sketches and checklists are easy to use on my mobile while I can quickly add to while on my mac. Seems like the Notes app is this weirdly feature rich, but neglected application that Apple kind of wants to make cool, but then doesn't make it easy to customize or quickly access.
  2. I'm assuming there's no way to append to an existing note. I'd like to be able to just have one note that I'm always adding to. Sort of like a checklist that I keep up to date quickly. Ideally, it'd be neat to have your notes added to "default" note that you've created, but then have an option to create a new note by holding down a modifier key. Example: n remember the milk > remember the milk as been appended to Note: Checklist Especially with the new features in the notes app, I could see it being very awesome as a kind of "flow of ideas" manager that doesn't require a bunch of keywords to get what you need out of it.
  3. I know you don't get a lot of feedback, but I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your work. Thank you.
  4. Hi Stuart, Thanks again for all your hard work. I've been MIA for a while as I've been holding off on the Alfred 3 update until I knew my workflows were compatible. You've put in some great updates. The only request I have, though, is if you can make it optional for passwords to be marked as transient, allowing them to be stored in the clipboard history. I think it's interfering with Keyboard Maestro, which I use for a simple Type Clipboard hotkey action (extremely useful for logging into server administrative panels that will now allow Ctrl-C/Cmd-C actions). Thank you, Michael
  5. I was looking all over for something like this. Thanks.
  6. I'm using it on El Capitan. Works fine for me. Also, really glad I found this here. So handy.
  7. Absolutely. Like I said, pipedreams. As it stands, this workflow is a really cool way to access LP, but if there were ever a jumping off point to do some extremely cool things, this would be it. As it stands, I'm very happy with where it's at. You are the best!
  8. Ah yeah, I forgot to add a few feature requests. Some of them are pipe dreams, but maybe they'll trigger some creative thinking on your part. I'll add to the github site.
  9. While I see what you're getting at, I think the request is simpler than that. We can just install the LP plugin in whatever browser we want to use and it'll take care of the auto login. What I would like to see is more of a "quick launch" from the workflow. For example, if I need to launch a site from a specialized hyperlink, it'd be a simple matter of press a modifier key, "Launch Site" appears, hit enter and let the default browser plugin take care of the rest. The reason why it would be useful in my case is because I don't have bookmarks for every client's admin portals. That would be way too much overhead. Plus, I don't normally manage a lot of other clients, but when I'm asked to, I want to rely on my other team members to have entered the URL correctly so when I (in theory) use the workflow, all I have to do is press the modifier key, it pulls the url and executes in whatever default browser and the official LP plugin takes over. Maybe other requests were trying to do more than that, but that's how I thought of it. Anyhow, I'll submit a couple other ideas at the git page you linked. Thanks again!
  10. Perfect. I did as you suggested, works flawlessly. If you don't mind, I'd like to suggest some features for future releases. The primary functionality is getting passwords and usernames out very quickly, and it's near flawless at this point. However, there are things that I think of when I'm in the middle of doing something that would be incredibly helpful.
  11. Sure. If I get some time a little later today, I'll provide an example.
  12. I wasn't, I was using the "iCloud" version. I can see it takes a bit to fully complete the sentence while typing in Alfred using the "non-iCloud" version. Guess I was typing a little too fast for the workflow to catch up before hitting enter. Guess that's what I get for not reading the whole post :/ Thanks for the quick reply, though.
  13. If it's supposed to bypass 2FA, then it works. I was able to login using just my master PW.
  14. I'm running into an issue where notes are being cut off towards the end of the sentence and punctuation randomly disappears. So, for instance, here are my test notes below: here is a test n here is another test n here is a thing here is something new here is a test note here is a test n another test note I can't add punctuation (supposed to be a question mark there) I've turned on the debugging tool and set to show all information, but nothing shows up. What I will say is that my Notes app is linked to Exchange and not iCloud. It doesn't have a problem creating the note, just that it cuts off parts of the note for no apparent reason.
  15. Thank you! I was wondering if there was a Lifx workflow just now. I'm glad I found this!
  16. So how interested are you in tackling billable time entries? I'm looking for something significant, but niche.
  17. If you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled, you will have to disable it temporarily then re-enable it after you've entered the master password. If you reboot your system, you will have to log back in and repeat the process.
  18. Just wanted to say that this last update, 1.4.3: https://github.com/stuartcryan/lastpass-alfred-workflowis incredibly stable and works like a dream. Thank you for the mention and if anyone is looking for the latest LP workflow that works reliably, this is it. Upped my productivity ten fold!
  19. Very interested. Work in an MSP with many clients and passwords that we share within our company internally, so we have very large vaults that we work with continuously, throughout the day. I've been trying to get a decent workflow for LP to work correctly, but I've been having trouble. I'd love to help out in any way I can.
  20. I can't seem to get this to work for me. While it will load many passwords, it doesn't load them all. I don't know if the directory hierarchy is the cause, permissions, or just terrible organization (it's well known, our team is working on it). Currently we have the hierarchy set as such: Client Named Folder _Administrative account SOME-SERVER-01 _Services, Portals, Website Logins www.somewebsitelogin.com Some.random.password.that.shouldnt.be.here Note, our structure is totally mucked up and that's only representative of what we would like to be ideal and not the whole structure overall, which again, we're working on. Though I don't how much that would affect the visibility of passwords. The only other thing I can think of is permissions, but whenever I'm using the CLI interface, I can see all the secure notes, sites, etc. without issue. I'd love to use this more, but it only seems like I can pull about 50% of the passwords out before nothing else syncs. Thank you for any suggestions. Michael
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