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  1. I much prefer Sparkle, updates can be performed with one click or automatically instead of clicking "Alfred Update Available", then "Download update" and finally "Update and restart Alfred". Sparkle also offers the flexibility to ignore updates, I would almost prefer hiding the "Alfred Update Available" button link altogether. Even without integrating Sparkle, one click updating would be a welcome change. Alfred remains one of the most cumbersome macOS apps to update.
  2. The applications "Xcode" and "Xcode-beta" change the first two positions depending on whether "xcod" or "xco" is the search query. macOS 11.0 Beta (20A5395g) Alfred 4.1.1 [1172]
  3. Searching for the Apple ID preference pane shows no icon: Alfred 4.0.4 macOS 10.15 Beta (19A578c)
  4. Spotlight also has this issue, so it doesn't appear to be related to Alfred. Switching from to German and back to English didn't fix the problem. I switched it to German briefly a while ago, this may have caused the issue as my German work machine has always been in English and does not have the issue.
  5. I'm wondering if the following is expected behaviour ("Lieferungen" means deliveries in German): The Deliveries app is localized in German and I bought the app from the German App Store, but my language is set to English.
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