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    • r in 5 minutes drop everything
    • r in 2 hours laugh out loud in random thoughts list
    • r in 3 days 1 hour pick stuff up off the floor
    • r in 1 days at 3pm to run amok
    • r on 31-12-99 23:22 to panic about the millennium bug
    • r at 2pm to wait for nothing in particular
    • r thursday at 15.30 to ask some difficult questions


    Dates & times

    The order of d/m/y (as well as HH:mm) I believe will depend on your region settings in the OS.

    The workflow tries to be smart about times, but due to needing to support both 12 and 24-hour clocks, you will get more predictable results when using "at 11am" rather than "at 11:00"











    If you look at the time, on all those commands, it always says 12.00 pm, no matter how I write it.

  2. It doesn't look like there's anything not working as expected.  Can you try entering one of the examples from the first post and taking a screengrab??

    Those are links to 2 images showing the problem. Thanks for your time and support.

  3. Can you do "rtest" and post the results back?


    Here it is


    Test results:

    OS version: 10.11.2 (0 seconds)
    Current date: martes, 12 de enero de 2016, 9:20:32 a.m. (0 seconds)
    Initialize workflow path: /Users/alejandroarancibia/Documents/Backup/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.CC71B08B-0598-4DA9-A758-CF9E750B1770 (0 seconds)
    Initialize alfred-library: OK (0 seconds)
    Initialize update-library: OK (0 seconds)
    Initialize wf-library: OK (2 seconds)
    Initialize plist-library: OK (0 seconds)
    Reminders.app state: Not running (0 seconds)
    Fetch reminder count: 0 (13 seconds)
    Fetch reminder info: ERROR: Reminders ha detectado un error: No puede obtenerse reminder 1 whose completed = false. Índice no válido. (8 seconds)
    Fetch reminder list count: 4 (1 seconds)
    Fetch reminder list info: OK (0 seconds)
    Run cache process: SKIPPED (0 seconds)
    Fetch cache timestamp: SKIPPED (0 seconds)
    Fetch cached reminder count: SKIPPED (0 seconds)
    Test basic query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test today query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test in n minutes query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test in n hours query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test in n days query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test in n days y hours query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test in n hours y minutes query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test at time query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test tomorrow at time query: OK (0 seconds)
    Test in x list query: OK (0 seconds)
    Subtitle generation: OK (0 seconds)
    Test basic reminder filtering: OK (0 seconds)
    Test remind today reminder filtering: OK (0 seconds)
    Test due tomorrow reminder filtering: OK (0 seconds)
    Test reminder list filtering: OK (0 seconds)
    Test version-check response: OK (0 seconds)
    Current unix time: 1,452601256E+9 (0 seconds)
    Simple JSON: OK (0 seconds)
    Test execution time: 24 seconds
    Thanks, sorry for being so late!
  4. Hi, I´m new here, thanks for this great workflow. I´m using MAC OS 10.11.2 and it seems to be a problem. I can't set due date or alarm for the reminder. I just can create the reminder but not seeing the due date. I can´t get any of the options when I type “r help”. Is there any update or am I doing something wrong here. Best regards.

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