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  1. to answer your question, yes, I used the default site. I found that when I enter "weather for Cambridge, MA" that I get the site I linked to above but if I type in "weather Cambridge, MA" that I get to the right place.
  2. I entered in "Cambridge", "Cambridge, MA" and "Cambridge MA" and each time got Pinto Martins International (I think that means international airport) in Brazil. consistency, at least!
  3. thank you for responding! sure. I created (or tried to create) a custom search for the Minuteman Library Network. I set the keyword as minuteman. I entered this as the search URL: http://www.mln.lib.ma.us this failed in two different ways. when I tried the validation test from the Web Search tab (I hope that makes sense), it redirected me to the Minuteman general URL. if I tried searching from Alfred itself, it gave me the usual options of Google, Wikipedia or Amazon for the term "minuteman". I hope you can understand that I explained it well enough for you to understand. I had the same problem with another custom search that I created for another library network catalog.
  4. 1) my custom searches don't work. if I type the keyword for the custom search that'll bring me to the right URL but if I type the keyword and then the search word, Google pops up. 2) how do I remove custom searches?
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