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  1. Hi guys, I'm having this problem for several days, even before I update Mac OS to 10.12.6(should be 10.12.5 I guess). Snippets auto expansion works for a while everytime I reboot my mac, then it won't. I went to Alfred preferences - Features - Snippets, this msg came out says "Microsoft Excel seems to be preventing text expansion by blocking secure entry". Tried quit Excel, same problem remains but the message says "Process ID 2681 seems to be...". as in screenshot attached. Alfred 3.4, build 850. Mac os 10.12.6
  2. same here, buggy with chinese input called sogou
  3. just came back to say thank you, got it work followed by your guide, thx for the kind help :-)
  4. Thanks @deanishe and @raguay.customct Dean did get that right, it act like when you copy a file then paste it in evernote app, the file got attached in that note. just we already have that with evernote workflow, but the idea/need is same here, copy a file/some files (I think 1 file solve the problem since for me that's most my scenario) itself then paste in other apps, not copy it to somewhere else, not copy its path. will try the python code later. just one quick noob question: how should it be applied? Pasted the code into text editor, saved as a .py file, then what? always envy you guy
  5. Hello guys, Im trying to figure out how to add a "copy file" option in file action list, anybody knows how? The reason, I do have a lot of apps support directly paste in files, to send/share/upload/sync whatever different kinds of functions. I found it really handy to just copy files I need, then paste them in the app windows. both "copy to" and "copy file path" works in a different way, just need to copy the file it self. So, anyone help is really appreciated edit: this just came into my mind: could there also be a "preview" in this option list? that would be really speed th
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