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  1. Would it be possible that you share the solution, I'd love to get this fixed. Perhaps share the code you changed, or even all of it and I can run a diff to discover and let everyone else know how to fix, thanks. Can you provide some additional details about this issue please.
  2. Thanks for the updated workflow hwend88. I just discovered something that was not mentioned. If you make sure the Hotkey Trigger argument is set to "Selection in OS X" you can select some text and quickly make a task from it. I added a Prefix of "//", without the double quotes, and I can now move an emailed task to the workflow with ease. Simply highlight the email body, activate via the hotkey and press command+left then command+up and type in the task name plus all the flags. This allows you to created a task in OmniFocus from a long email fairly quickly and get back to Inbox Zero. I'm not sure what the limit is but I just tested it with 50 paragraphs of text from fillertext.com and it worked flawlessly. Now it's GTD time
  3. When 1Password is locked on my machine the powerpack seems to work fine. It loads the site, and opens up 1Password mini in my menu bar and prompts for the master password. Once I authenticate it logs in as normal, works great. If I then logout of the website and try it again it opens the site in the browser and nothing more. Once I "lock" 1Password the functionality operates as it should for any website I have in my vault. Alfred - 2.8.2 (432) 1Password - 4.4.2 (442010) - Mac App Store OSX - 10.9.5 (13F1507) - Mavericks
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