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  1. Great workflow! And I appreciate the rename. By the way, it might be helpful to increment the version number each time you update it.
  2. Hello, I'd love to be able to set a single key (for example: \ ) as a hotkey. I rarely have to type a backward slash, so being able to set that (or another single key) as a hotkey, would be great! Thanks for listening and for giving my request possible consideration. Jim
  3. Thanks! It was just the first one that came to mind. Please use whichever one suits you!
  4. I really like the "domail" command for Mail. Being able to put the title of the e-mail and a link to the e-mail into a project is delightful! I noticed that the mail task has an extra line placed after it. Is that extra line there for a reason? Separate topic: Is there a possibility to add the same type of command for URLs? For example, "dou" would copy the title and URL of the front tab in Safari and place them into TaskPaper as a task. I've been trying to code it myself, but thus far, I can't figure it out.
  5. I've only tried a few commands, but thus far, it works well. Thanks for making and sharing it!
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