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  1. This workflow ceased working some weeks ago. It appears to be abandoned. It generates a query error. There is a way to fix it. View the workflow in Finder. Edit the file: `/libs/e4QuerySend.php` Change line 56. It is currently: $response = $this->app->sendHTTPRequest('http://www.google.com/finance/converter?'.http_build_query(array( Change it to: $response = $this->app->sendHTTPRequest('https://finance.google.com/finance/converter?'.http_build_query(array( You can view the required changes here, https://github.com/bigluck/alfred2-currencyconverter/pull/22/files - courtesy of Enochenti. It will now work as before.
  2. Thanks for this. The currency converter I've used for the past few years died some months ago, with no sign of an update or fix. So I am glad to be able to switch over to this workflow you have kindly provided. Cheers... P.S. The download file still needs to be unzipped. In case you forgot to correct that.
  3. Well, it turns out the reason Alfred was not showing many of the applications (especially those recently installed, for some reason) is that `/Applications` was not in the Search Scope. I am not sure how it was removed from there, but such is life. This has me wondering, however, why /Applications needs to be in that list when Applications is already included (ticked, without means to un-tick) in the Essentials list? Does that not automatically incorporate /Applications into the search scope, rendering a separate entry in the Search Scope settings redundant?
  4. I've initiated the rebuild from within Spotlight itself, by adding main HDD to privacy, and then removing it again. Will see how that goes with regard to Alfred.
  5. Hi Vero, When I click the reindex button, as suggested, it does not prompt me for my password. So it results in a permission denied error. login: -4.3.46: Permission denied [Process completed] Any suggestions?
  6. Hi folks, For the past month, or months (not entirely sure how long), new applications don't show up in the Alfred Search. All applications added to system prior to this issue arising, show up fine. The applications are immediately findable using Spotlight. But not at all in Alfred. I've not changed any settings to cause this. The search scope includes Applications by default, and that can't be turned off. I tried the "reload" command, to update the application cache. That made no difference. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Jonathan
  7. Perhaps someone has already pointed this out, but in case not... The way I got the Google shorter to start working again, was to generate my own API key (you'll need to do that in your Google Developer account — set one up if you need to) and add it to the scripting in this Workflow, as follows: Change this: 0 : {'api_url':'https://www.googleapis.com/urlshortener/v1/url','title':'goo.gl','des':'http://goo.gl/'}, to this: 0 : {'api_url':'https://www.googleapis.com/urlshortener/v1/url?key=YOUR-API-KEY','title':'goo.gl','des':'http://goo.gl/'}, It now works just fine. I also added my own API key to the bit.y and j.mp shorteners. Apparently the API used (by the kind developer of this workflow) was reaching its limit. Now those two services also work again.
  8. Thanks for sharing this workflow. The instructions are not clear to me, so I am having trouble getting this to work. What do you mean by, "Once Node.js is installed, go to your Quiver Library file in Alfred Browser and select the “Set Quiver Library” file action." I have Node.js installed, so I am specifically wondering about, "go to your Quiver Library file in Alfred Browser". I have no idea what this means. Would you please elaborate? Thank you, Jonathan
  9. Okay. Seems I've solved my question. Looking through another workflow I figured out my mistake. I was using an Output module. Needed to use an Action module. Working now.
  10. UPDATE: SOLVED Thanks for this excellent workflow. Would someone kindly explain to me how to make the above-mentioned output addition, to send a date to Fantastical? I have created a script output. Language osascript (AS). Added a Shift modifier. But I am not sure how to include the above script. If I simply paste this into the script output, it does nothing. I also tried having q="{query}" as the first line, in case the `q` in the script needs to be defined as the query, but that also didn’t help. Thank you... Jonathan
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