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  1. I'm really sorry! I knew it was staring me in the face in this post and I was't taking my time to read it properly! Thank you so much! Sorry again, I know it is annoying when the answer is obviously staring me in the face 🙈
  2. I absolutely love this workflow, and I use it every day! One thing I've tried to change myself but I'm having no luck in doing it at all. Is there a way to paste to the emoji just by hitting the return key rather than the [cmd]+[return] I want to hit the return key on the emoji and have it paste directly to the foremost app instead of having to use the hotkey. I'm sorry if this has already been covered I've seen stuff around this, but as a total novice at these workflows, I may have missed the point in other posts.
  3. Thanks @Andrew I knew the Blacklist option was there but obviously had to update it to include the new option with my upgrade! 👍
  4. I like using the "Eject All" in Alfred. However, when I'm using this option it is trying to eject a volume I'm not sure exactly what it is. I have a number of volumes that I exclude from Alfred in the preferences section. This is clearly something in relation to my Time Capsule backups. However I'm not 100% clear on what Alfred is trying to eject. Can anyone help? I've attached a screenshot showing exactly what it is that Alfred is trying to eject. I realise that I need to enter this to the excluded volumes in Alfred's preferences however I'm not exactly sure how to do that. Just looking for some help with this 👍
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