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  1. Yeah, the use of spread operators in objects was included in node.js in version `8.3`
  2. The right way is without brackets. 'x' should be a valid todoist token. There should be something in the first list item with some feedback about whats going on. The notification should also help with whats going on and if there's an error I expect something to show in Alfreds debug log (In alfred: Show Alfred Settings, then Tab Workflows -> select the Alfred Workflow Todoist -> in the upper right corner click the 'bug' icon -> set built-in terminal to 'Log: All information')
  3. It's been a while since I've updated this workflow, but I've rewritten it from scratch and have implemented most of the old features with extra's
  4. Maybe I misunderstood, I thought you were asking about not being able to use Todoist in German. Was that not your question?
  5. I'm afraid Todoist doesn't support German at the moment, correct me if I'm wrong. Martien
  6. I see what you are saying, I erroneously thought a high priority equaled a high number. That must have been why I never noticed. The API handles priorities in reverse order from the client. I'll throw in a conversion step. Nice catch! I must admit I have very little OSS time in January, I am using all the spare time a have for building a kitchen and baby room. The project makeover is about 85% done but still contains bugs and incomplete test suite and I rather not release a buggy version anymore :/ Martien
  7. Si you are saying you expect 1 to have the lowest priority?
  8. What is your search? I could produce an alfa build that had most of the new features implemented. But I haven't updated the test suite yet. Ps. The priorities being inverted is a could be due to the Todoist server and client reasoning different about priorities, what is your expected behaviour?
  9. Do create an issue, I'll see if I can get around to fixing the problem. Any error messages to help me along?
  10. First thought? I shouln't be allow to write code :-p. I am a little pressed for time atm so I tried to quick fix this one and should have tested it better. Also the code library needs a test suite, to protect me from myself. I'll try to fix, properly test and write and create a test suite after. Hang on.. Martien
  11. Found it, working with JSON in bash is a little tricky. Should be fixed. If not let me know. Find the updated binairy on github or use t:update (assuming you are on v3.1.5) Martien
  12. Yeah you are right, I have introduced a bug somewhere I'm afraid. I have had little free time to diagnose the exact problem I'm afraid. I'll try to fix as soon as I do. Martien
  13. Hmmm yeah, I think I do. I may have made a wrong an assumption on the characters in the API token. I made the assumption based on tokens I've seen that they are always exactly 40 characters long and only consist of numbers 0-9 and lower case letters 'a' to 'f'. Can you tell where your token is different from this (don't share the entire token)? Martien
  14. The workflow has been updated to give more visual feedback. See changelog for more information on changes. Martien
  15. Hi it's something I am willing to look in, would you mind creating an issue here on github (https://github.com/moranje/alfred-workflow-todoist/issues) so I can keep track of different requests. Also if you have any ideas on how you would like this function to work, write that down too. Also for those interested, I've just posted 3.1.4beta here which adds a better parser (namely #projects) and a little more visual feedback for the `todo add` command. Thanks Martien
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