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  1. I've filed another bug report with this information. I'll keep you posted. Martien
  2. So it used to work then? Maybe we should file a bug report with Todoist. "Every Wednesday 9pm" used to create an auto reminder?
  3. Hi! I want to stay away from having to parse language myself. The workflow uses the REST API and uses the "due_string" property to (leave Todoist to) do it's magic. I would think it should be possible to add auto reminders this way...
  4. Hi, have you read and completed the install instructions? Are on node.js 12? An error log would help, read the instructions if you aren't sure how to do that. Martien
  5. Alfred deprecated their beta API that's the error you are getting. Update your workflow to the latest version and you should be fine.
  6. I can't be certain but sounds like you are behind some sort of firewal or proxy. Can you try another Internet connection? Martien
  7. The API key should be yours and can be retrieved from the todoist app
  8. Hi Bob, I'll try to help you but it would be most helpful if you'd be able to get me a debug log. For reference see: https://github.com/moranje/alfred-workflow-todoist#debug Also it looks like you have installed the LTS version of node.js, the latest is at v12 (that might be a problem with the workflow not working). Try to update to the latest: https://nodejs.org/dist/v12.10.0/node-v12.10.0.pkg Check back in if the above doesn't fix your problems, Martien
  9. Todoist deprecated the beta version of their api, you need the latest version of the workflow (5.8.3). Be sure to upgrade your node.js version as well (at least 11.5). Cheers
  10. I haven't updated myself, but I would think the workflow should be backwards compatible, since I'm not seeing anything about workflow incompatibility in the release notes.
  11. Today (en) and heute (de) I understand (seemingly) doing nothing because that's the default option. But tomorrow (en) or morgen (de) should definitely do something (and those are working on my end). Just bear with me here, while I make sure I understand fully. So if I understand right creating a task with `todo test, morgen` with the locale set to german will create a task but today (rather than the expected tomorrow) right? Martien
  12. Does what it's supposed to (from what I can see at the logs and what I have tested on my machine). I think we may have ourselves a bit of miscommunication. What did you expect the app to show? Does it work with 'Tomorrow'? For allowed date formats, check out: https://github.com/moranje/alfred-workflow-todoist#usage
  13. https://github.com/moranje/alfred-workflow-todoist#debug
  14. Do you have an error log by any chance? (See my last comment)
  15. Do you have the language set to German? Check out the docs to see how that would work. If that doesn't work see if you can find an error log for me.
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