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  1. Apologies, seems like you've already got this one covered. Will search more closely though the troubleshooting pages first next time. Thanks, JLawrie
  2. Hello Alfred Community! Firstly, thank you for the ongoing support and development work for the Alfred software - it makes a big improvement to my workflow which is very valuable. This is only a very small bug that does not make a very big difference to the utility of the program, but here is the information in case a fix would like to be developed. Bug overview When using the miniplayer to select a song from an album and the shuffle function is switched on in iTunes, an alternative (and incorrect) track to the one selected in the miniplayer is played. Software versions OS X: 10.10.5 (Yosemite) Alfred: 2.8.2 (432) iTunes: Bug replication instructions (5 steps required) 1) Open iTunes and switch on the shuffle mode. This can be found at the top of the window, next to the album artwork displayed next to the playbar. It illuminates blue when switched on. 2) Open Alfred and open the iTunes miniplayer using the appropriate key command (Ctrl + Cmd + Enter for me) 3) Search for any album of choice within the miniplayer 4) Hit return to show a list of the tracks on the chosen album and select any single song from the list. Hit return to play the chosen song in iTunes. In this example, the song 'Losing A Whole Year' was selected in the miniplayer. 5) Notice how iTunes plays a song selected at random (due to the shuffle feature) from the correct album (in this case 'Burning Man') instead of the chosen track. Additional observations 1) This error does not occur when searching and selecting a specific song 2) Selecting a song in iTunes' search feature with shuffle enabled in a similar does play the correct song, so long as the song is double clicked with the mouse instead of using a double-press of the enter key, in which case a similar bug is present as within the Alfred Miniplayer. Thank you for your time and if there are any further queries to do with this bug I will do my best to answer quickly and helpfully. Cheers, JLawrie Alfred v2 User [EDIT] Unable to upload screenshots to this post to match the instructions, but screenshots can be sent by alternative media if necessary.
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