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  1. Hi, I have a similar workflow, and am using AppleScript to copy the image file to the clipboard. I thought you might be interested, giving this could avoid an external dependency. Here's the code (used in a Run Script object, language set to osascript): on run argv set the clipboard to (read (POSIX file "{query}") as JPEG picture) return "{query}" end run
  2. Hi David, Is this still the best practice? If so, could you perhaps edit the original post and provide a new link to the workflow? Seems like the old one died. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I've created a few simple workflows in the past, including ones that call Python scripts in the background. However, what I can't seem to find is how to create a "cascading" workflow. Here's an example: Call the workflow using a keyword The workflow returns a list of items The user selects one of the choices The workflow now returns a new list of items based on the user's choice in [3] etc… This would go on until the choice selected by the user is an endpoint, which would then be passed on to the output action. The script filter seems like it could do this, and I've looked at the example workflow in Alfred. However, I don't get how I could implement showing a new list after the user has selected an item. One of the things I had in my for this, is a certain website's sitemap that I use frequently. By implementing it's menu in a workflow, I would navigate through the menu in Alfred and then call up the correct page all from the same workflow. The complication is that the depth (number of times you'd iterate until you hit an endpoint) is dependent on the selection. The functionality resembles the first few steps of the workflow created for The Pirate Bay (demo here), where you go from Video to HD TV Shows and so on. I looked at the code but it's a bit much to wrap my head around (seems to spawn a local web server to call PHP code). I hope I've been able to clarify what I'm after. Any pointers, suggestions, … would be very welcome. Thank you!
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