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  1. Thanks for your reply and tips Shawn! Quite a bit late but thanks I decided to make backslash the keyword, followed by the domain, so it's still pretty fast to type. It doesn't feel sluggish at all also, I'll publish it soon so others can use it too! Grazie!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm creating a small snippet that retrieves data for a given domain and prints out a few options based on the domain availability. Currently I got it working with no issues using a keyword and script filter prints out XML items based on the availability. No issue so far. But it's feels pretty unnatural to use the keyword (I'm using 'whose' which is the name of the workflow), so I'd like to make trigger the domain when the query matches a domain structure. Currently there's already a script with opens the URL (it's called openurlsearch), and I'd like to have my workflow appear like that too. Is it possible? I know that I could try to use the fallback solution, but if you type a domain Alfred will only show the Open URL workflow, so people would have to disable the web search from settings and things would be just too complicated. Any ideas to help me solve this out? Thanks!
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