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  1. I tried creating alias via Finder as well, they still don't appear as I expect them to in Alfred when the alias is placed in /Applications. I tried forcing spotlight reindexing. No dice thus far.
  2. +1 for this feature request. I also tried adding the public.symlink as a user-defined filetype and found it unsatisfactory. I use homebrew like the op, but this is also a problem where some apps have sub-apps embeded inside an app package. In my immediate case scenario for example, I'm testing fs-protection for Mac. My interest is mostly in the DeepGuard application which is a file-based firewall rather than the usual network firewall. The source app is at directory: /Applications/fs protection/F-Secure Mac Protection.app/Contents/Resources/F-Secure XFENCE Configuration.app sure would be nice to be able to launch it from Alfred like I do any other native macos app. I can see the symlink if I use the "open" command, but that is not how I usually launch apps, I usually just open alfred launch bar and type in the first few characters of the app name.
  3. When I go to eject drives using Alfred (usually installer DMGs) I've been seeing this Volumes/firmwaresyncd.Ux5C91 as the first suggestion. This has persisted across many reboots. It's not going away. A screenshot is attached below. I don't see the supposed volume in Finder, GUI Disk Utility, nor via Terminal command "diskutil list". As far as I can tell the first hit with the curved return arrow is Alfred's best guess or perhaps a cached shortcut to a volume that no longer exists or something like that. When I did a search for the volume, I came across a similar question. It's not spelled exactly the same as mine but it's similar enough, randomly generated suffixes are common enough. I'm alarmed about the idea of having a hack on my system. I suspect it's much more mundane. Perhaps a cache isn't clearing in Alfred, or it's seeing a "secret" recovery partition or something. What can I do to get to the bottom of this?
  4. When searching in Alfred, I would love to be able to open the location of files/directories in the Finder from the search results I'd also like to be able to right click on them and get a context menu as you would the finder or on the desktop. I did a search on this forum and came across something where users can press the right arrow to get the path, but this would be a bit of a pain to manually open the finder, Go > Go to Folder, paste in the path. I imagine it would not be hard to get a script to make this happen although it'd be a bit hacky. I'd like to see these implemented as built-in features. Consider this an opportunity to implement a feature that most people would appreciate even if they take it for granted.
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