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  1. Hello, I am testing alfred3's objects and the transform's trimming white space action doesn't work. Other actions are fine. How can I solve it? or is it the only issue to me? Thanks,
  2. Hello, I created a workflow which search a file name and content of a folder for nvALT application's markdown and text documents through File Filter object. But, it doesn't show a right result that I expected. There are several symptoms that I noticed. - When I search a keyword on nvALT , it shows a right result. - When I search a keyword on Alfred with the workflow , it doesn't show a same result above. - When I search a keyword on Finder , it is same like using Alfred's workflow. - I tried to re-index Spotlight. But, it is still same.
  3. I haven't got any response when I try to search my OmniFocus with '.s' keyword. There is no error in the debug area. What else should I do?
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