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  1. It seems all workflows for Devonthink can't search those materials to be indexed by Devonthink. If it can do this, please tell me how to make it work? Alternatively, is there any way to set a hotkey to start the Search Window of Devonthink? I think this hotkey function is enough to search everything contained in Devonthink.
  2. Yes, I found this Workflow can show me the (recent) History of Safari in my iPhone&iPad via inputting some key-word(s) to dig it out Thank you.
  3. It's great! I have installed it and found it's helpful. Is it possible showing the Safari History in different devices (iPad,iPhone...)?
  4. Packal Search and Upater are great. but they seem not work at MacOS high Sierra with Alfred 3. hope we would have another workflow with similar functions.
  5. Thanks. I don't know why Top Processes doesn't work. This one is helpful.
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