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  1. I am very disappointed in how PowerPack version 3 is being advertised and sold. The impression that I had from the email advertisement I received today from Running With Crayons was that version 3 is "on the way" to users who upgrade. I upgraded, but I can find no way to download version 3. I am wondering whether I simply cannot find a way to download the program, or whether version 3 has not been released. If it has not been released, I will be even more disappointed than I am now, because it will mean that the email I got was apparently intended to get me to part with my money before the developers part with version 3. A second cause for my disappointment is my inability to find a way to communicate directly with a support person via email or chat. To have to post a message like this on a community forum, rather than be able to communicate directly with the developer does not seem like a good way to develop customer relationships. I hope that I simply have not navigated to the correct portions of the website, and that there is not a different explanation for the frustrations I have described in the paragraphs above.
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