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  1. This happened to me as well. Using: - Chrome 53.0.2785.89 - Alfred 3.1 Build 718 Expanding worked again after I restarted Chrome.
  2. Anybody wondering how to do this with the Alfred 3 beta, it comes with the examples: Select "Dynamic File Search" and type ff in the Alfred search box. Thanks again Andrew :-)
  3. So, it looks like this is not possible. Let me try to explain again what I am trying to do: 1. define the folder in which to search by typing the name: "foldername", 2. selecting it 3. and then searching for an item in it: folder or file by typing its' name "filename" And the search in 3. would be limited to the folder selected in 2. Is something like this coming up in Alfred 3?
  4. Thanks, it looks like the search scope needs to be defined per "File Filter" input? How do I feed it an argument from the Alfred search box?
  5. Not sure if I'm about to ask a stupid question, but it's quite some time I'm trying to achieve the following with Alfred: I want to find a file by it's name but inside a specific folder: e.g. "/Users/bram/Documents/projects/project-1/kickoff/briefing.md" when having a lot of files with this name in similar folders. I would then search Alfred for "kickoff" or "briefing" but cannot find it because I have too many results. Is there a way to specify "project-1" as the directory to search for a file "briefing"?
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