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  1. Thanks Clinton! I was having a lot of problems getting the focus tab working, I knew there had to be a better solution. This was more meant as a proof of concept. I am working on a much more polished version of this workflow.
  2. I was going to make a similar suggesting, before finding this thread. How I see it implemented would be have a action type type attribute in the xml for the item. Then create a new action input that can register to this keyword.
  3. This workflow allows you to search tabs open in Google Chrome, and bring them into focus. Still need more work, but I wanted some feedback. Source: https://github.com/peteokma/alfred-workflows/tree/master/workflows/chrometabs Workflow: http://d.pr/f/YnVl
  4. Awesome, I was also experimenting with something similar. I would really like to see this functionality supported in the workflow editor.
  5. Actually Alfred will pick up any directory in the workflow folder. I created symlinks to my git repository in the workflow folder and it works like a charm. Check out the following script as an example. https://github.com/peteokma/alfred-workflows/blob/master/linker.sh
  6. I have a feedback class already, you can find it here. https://github.com/peteokma/alfred-workflows/tree/master/alfred_utils I plan on adding more features once I get some free time.
  7. You can now grab this workflow from github, https://github.com/peteokma/alfred-workflows
  8. Thanks simonbs for keeping my Feedback class up to date. I've uploaded the file (with your changes), and my workflows to github. I should be adding more workflows and utilities to that repository as soon as I have some free time. https://github.com/peteokma/alfred-workflows
  9. This may already be possible, but I'm looking for a way to launch Alfred, pre-populated with text, from another application. I am playing around with popclip (http://pilotmoon.com/popclip/), and would like to create an extension to send selected text to Alfred. Thanks
  10. This workflow evaluates 1-line python expressions, and displays the results in real time, upon selection the result is copied to the clipboard. You can download the workflow here. -http://d.pr/f/vvBD Enjoy!
  11. Attached is a simple Wikipedia auto complete workflow. -Download: http://d.pr/f/no3O For those like myself who prefer scripting in Python, the following class makes generating feedback easy -View/Download: http://d.pr/f/GMO8 Example Usage: from alfred import Feedback fb = Feedback() fb.add_item("Hello World", subtitle="Simple Greeting") fb.add_item("Foo", subtitle="Bar", icon="foobar.icon", arg="foobar") print fb Enjoy
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