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  1. Hi FroZen_X, thanks for the link. Somehow that inspired me to step back a bit and first take a look at python
  2. Hey ctwise, hey Shawn, thanks for your feedback and your code. I'll keep the point about different ruby versions in mind. However, from a more general point, would it make sense to rather learn python to use the broad range of workflows already written for alfred? At least that is the impression I got when I looked in some workflows I downloaded? Thanks Maddes
  3. Hey Folks, I want to start creating workflows with Ruby for Alfred. I learned basic Ruby on Codecademy and have a little background in developing with Java and Objective-C, so at least OOP is familiar. However, most content I find on developing with Ruby is kind of centered around the language elements and getting them right. Though I definitely need practice, it is not exactly what I am looking for. I want to gain experience in calling applications / APIs and how to get familiar with new APIs. You can probably already see how lost I am by how I am describing the topic To wrap it up
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